The Ice Cream Diet in Advertising

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I am a huge believer in research and constantly learning about your market and how it is changing.  Well in one of my research sessions I came across something that was very exciting to me.  eMarketer study done in February 2011 shows that by 2015 more than 25% of local ad dollars will be going to online advertising.  You all know I am a huge advocate of online advertising in your media mix, but this was both exciting and alarming to me.  First it made me wonder where the local business in this area would be come 2015 and if they would be in line with those numbers.  My guess is that they will be more simply because I talk to so many people every day that are trying to find someway to be very effective with their dollars and the conversation always turns to how they can do that online.  Second that 25% number made me wonder, just because a business is in line with that number and spending 25% of their budget online doesn’t mean it is in the right places.  I mean it just like a diet, you are only supposed to eat 1500 calories a day but let’t face it 1500 calories of veggies and protein are much better for you that 1500 calories of ice cream.  Our local market actually has some hidden gems when it comes to online advertising and I have seen them work very effectively.  So ask yourself as we go into the 2nd quarter of this year, goodness where has the year gone?  Then ask yourself are your ad dollars getting you a veggie and protein result or are you just eating some ice cream?

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