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The Most Important Question No One Ever Asks You

By September 10, 2012August 25th, 2020Uncategorized

We all know that you can’t just go into something and hope that it works.  I have said this before and I will say it again no good strategy ever includes the words “hope and pray”.  So don’t do anything that you can’t measure.  Some people in marketing will say well then you need to include a call to action message if you want to measure a media to see if it works.  I say wrong!  Before you ever try to measure anything you should define what success looks like to you or what exactly you are trying to accomplish and consider it successful.  Depending on what you want your success to look like then that will determine a part of your marketing message.  What if success looks like opening a second location to you?  What kind of message do you send and to who?  It’s not just about an immediate response because anything immediate that you can measure right away eventually will wear out its welcome.  Most things that give you an immediate response are a discount, coupon or sale of some kind.  Now while those can be beneficial, is that going to get you to your second location?  So you will buy a radio campaign, run a sale then tell your radio rep that it didn’t work.  Why?  Well, because to you success was opening a second location not an influx of customers.  Most business owners haven’t ever really sat down and thought about what success really looks and feels like to them probably because no one has ever asked them.  Well I am asking you, and if you want to find out what that success feels like then contact us at Synergy Marketing Consultants.  Till next time….
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