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Keeping It Fresh

By October 1, 2012August 25th, 2020Uncategorized

Lately we have got asked a lot about what we do and the answer is  A LOT!  However our services have been updated lately to meet a lot of the requirements of our clients and I started to wonder – are my clients updating their services with the changing climate?  What is something your competition isn’t offering, should you offer it?  Is there something that you see a need for in your industry environment?  Sometimes it is as simple as education, or maybe changing the way you tell clients about what you do.  Either way it has been said that the only constant thing in life is change; so are you constantly changing?
We recently held a free seminar on our hybrid strategy of traditional and new media and had small business owner and even people from the different media outlets join us and some people thought I was crazy for telling them how to do a hybrid strategy effectively.  My answer was simply that I saw a need for this kind of education so that is now a service we give at Synergy Marketing Consultants.  Free education to our clients and even the clients of our competitor ~ why?  Because if my competitor doesn’t then I will and it makes me stand out.  So think about your business and the industry you are in and ask yourself what is something your consumers need or want and can you offer it to them better?  If the answer is yes, then update your services and Keep It Fresh!

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