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You Can’t Buy Your Audience

By October 15, 2012August 25th, 2020Uncategorized

I hear a lot of business owners say, I can’t afford to
advertise. Ok I can understand that you have a “limited budget” but you aren’t
buying your audience, you are speaking to them and that can cost you as little
or as much as you are willing to spend.
If you think that you have to go to the most expensive medium to speak
to your audience then you have it all wrong.
It’s not always the most expensive that delivers the best results.  Sometimes it just takes looking at an
alternative to the most expensive and doing it really, really well.  For instance if you can reach a smaller
audience more times with one media, is that better than reaching a larger
audience only one time?  That will all
depend on what you are trying to carry out, again with the question what does
success look like to you?  But remember
no matter what, spending a ton of money doesn’t mean you bought your audience,
it just means you spend a ton of money for an opportunity to speak to
them.  If you don’t have something
interesting to say to them, you didn’t get anything out of that.  Plus, if they didn’t hear you because you
only said it once that doesn’t do you any good either.  There are so many ways to get your message
out effectively without spending a fortune on advertising but it takes some
careful planning and very creative messages to speak to that audience, don’t
buy them.  If you want some creative ways
to get your message out on a “limited budget” give me a call and we won’t buy
your audience, we will speak to them.
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