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Facebook Alone Is Not Enough

By November 3, 2012May 18th, 2017Uncategorized

Facebook Alone Is Not Enough
There has been a recent surge of businesses being advised that Facebook is the only strategy you need.
I have spoken to  a few businesses in the past few weeks and they have been told that a company alone can increase their sales with just Facebook.  What?? I recently spoke on this at a seminar and I will drive it home again.  You must have a combination of both social and traditional and it must be strategic.  There are a few things that Facebook can’t give you.

  • A constant branding message. The only way to accomplish this is to post 7-8 times a day with the same message and then you will be what I like to call “spamtastic” and soon be blocked.
  • Fans don’t just flock to your page.  You can’t just build it and they will come.  If you build a great page with all the right elements, how do you get people to become a fan?  There are so many ways, but one of the worst is for the person who is managing your page to spam all their friends into liking your page.  (That is something else that has been very unprofessional lately) You have to use a form of traditional media or interactions with customers to gain those fans.

Let me be very clear that I am a huge advocate of social media and it is extremely effective I just think there are some very confused small businesses out there that think Facebook is the cure for the problem.  Sometimes it is a part of the solution, but it is not the only answer.  If you are struggling with the best thing for you and your business reach out and ask someone who has a proven track record for help.  Ask them after they build you a great page exactly what is the strategy for gaining fans and keeping them?  If the strategy includes “oh I have 500 friends I will ask them to become a fan” turn and run!  That is not a strategy.  Look for them to tell you new ways to ask for fans using current customer experiences and traditional media.  Keep you head up about the social game, it is constantly changing and evolving so align yourself with people who change and evolve with it.  Till next time!
Making It Make Sense,
Erika Jones
Owner, Synergy Marketing Consultants

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