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The Blizzard

By February 13, 2013May 18th, 2017Uncategorized

This title is actually has a two fold meaning. First, I am 9 ½ months pregnant so I was craving an Oreo Blizzard, which lead into a conversation with my husband about some trends we have seen from some potential clients lately. That is the blizzard of marketing that they think they just have to be involved in. After my blizzard craving was satisfied I decided to sit down and write this blog. We have seen a huge trend in clients thinking they have to do it all in order to be effective in today’s market place. Small business today is getting slammed with everything from; phone books, TV stations, and social media trends and they feel pressure to do everything because everything sounds so great. Eventually they sign up for so much stuff and have so much going on they are in a marketing blizzard. A blizzard in the common term is often related to limited visibility and heavy snowfall. You can find yourself in a blizzard of marketing because of your limited visibility of the big picture of what you are doing and eventually when all is said and done, you are covered up by a bunch of “stuff”. You are left to shovel your way out of a mess after you can see clearly. Avoid this feeling of being left with a mess by doing a few simple things. First, you don’t have to sign on for every new shiny object that hits the market. Next, watch trends for a while to see the success of them and how some businesses are adopting them. Pay-Per-Click is a great example, lots of people jumped on the band wagon and still do, but in some industries, it just doesn’t make sense. A good SEO campaign, combined with a great branding campaign is a better option. Finally, arm yourself with the right tools to ask the right questions when these “new trends” come along and of course don’t do anything you can’t track. As for an actual blizzard, you can do one of two things. 1. Hunker down and wait for it to pass or 2. Go get your pregnant wife a blizzard.

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