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New Facebook layout

By March 13, 2013May 18th, 2017Uncategorized

Everyone is talking about the new Facebook layout and how it is going to affect small business.  We get a lot of questions about it, so we thought we would address some of them.   First of all the layout is going to be more user friendly. It is going to look the same on your iPad and your iPhone and your mobile devices on your desktop. It is also going to allow you the ability to decide what’s in your news feed. Do you want pictures? Do you want to look at videos, or do you just want status updates? You are going to want to utilize a fair amount of each one of those things photos, videos, and status updates in order to reach the broadest audience that you can.

The other things that you can do is make sure that you are utilizing your Facebook analytics and actually looking at what your users are engaging in.  Are they looking at pictures or just reading status updates?   What gets the most on action on your page?   Once you establish what your users are engaging with it’s a lot easier to plan out your post and decide; do you want to post a picture today or do you want to post a video?   They continue to say that “content is king”, and while I believe that it is true the content that you post is very important; I believe you must be prepared to interact with whatever content you post. For example, if you like to post pictures does that usually generate a comment or “like”? Most of the time generates a “like “however, if you post a status update usually that will generate a comment.  Are you prepared to comment back and get into a conversation with the people that are utilizing your page?   While content is important your plan to interact with the content after the fact is even more important?   The new Facebook layout will make this even more necessary for small business to have a handle on it and have a strategy in place.  

Another thing that is important to realize with the new Facebook feed and that your visual content is even more important. What I mean by visual contact is your photos and your videos are going to be larger and more vibrant allowing users to have more interaction with them.  So as a small business you should make sure that you are you correctly using photos and that the photos are speaking something about your business. You should also be utilizing video, we’ve been saying this for years with the popularity of YouTube however few businesses have really understood what it means to utilize video.   You truly do have to have a multi-media strategy.  With the new layout and the realization that the consumer is in control, there is only once piece of advice you need.  Get it right or get out of the game.

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