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Is Radio Effective?

By April 22, 2013Uncategorized

We often get asked our opinion on media in general but every once in a while people ask us what we think of a particular media.  Radio has been a big one lately.  We have gotten questions like “is radio effective? Should I do radio or TV?  What is the most effective way to utilize radio?”  I am sure as a business owner you have asked yourself those questions several times.
Using a multi-channel approach is always the best way to go.  That multi-channel could be a social channel and electronic media (TV, Radio) or an online strategy and print strategy together.  No matter what 2 or 3 you elected to use make sure they work together and complement each other.  More important than what you choose is what you say.  You can pay all the money in the world for a great schedule on every station out there, but if you aren’t relevant or interesting then it doesn’t matter what you are saying to whom.  

Your short answer to the above question “Is radio effective?” is yes it is!  Radio is still a very effective form of media.  Think about it, music is the thread of life that binds everyone together.  People like listening to music, what they don’t like hearing is your cheesy radio ad.  No one cares how long you have “been in business”, no one cares that you “have the best customer service” or “lowest prices” they care about their experience with you.  Are they going to be happy and have a positive experience with you and your brand?  Are they going to feel like they got a good value?  If you are pretty confident in those things they get the word out!  Blast it!  Tell people what they want to hear, not figuratively, but literally.  People want to hear why they should spend their hard earned dollars with you and not your competition.  So tell them the real reasons that matter to the consumer. Tell me that you are going to listen to me and understand my problem and treat it as though it is your own.  Tell me that you know I work hard for my dollar and you are going to make sure I get a great value.

Now here is where the multi-channel marketing can come in handy!  Tell me about my experience I can expect and then prove it to me on social media.  Tell me to go to your Facebook page and view others experiences with your business.  Then make sure you have your customers actively participate in leaving great reviews about your business after you deliver on your promise.  Now you have talked to me on the radio and you have connected with me on a social platform.  You have 2 touch points to make an impression on me.  If you have an effective message then a radio schedule makes sense.  So the question isn’t “Is radio effective?” it is “Is my message worth hearing?”  No matter how they hear it, if it is not worth listening to it is ineffective.

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