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SEO strategy, 3 Things you must have

By August 12, 2013May 18th, 2017Uncategorized

1. Content!  This seems like a no-brainer, but your content must be fresh and updated.  If your business is still the same from 1 year ago, then check your content, it is the same?  If yes, then change it, now!  Remember finding and writing great content is as easy as surfing the web and looking at your competitors, find something they do that you do better and write about it!   Boom, content, done.

2.Links!  Incoming, outgoing, no matter what it must be credible.  If you are going to link to another site, be sure the link is what your consumer thinks it is.  While you are writing all this great content you can link out to your resources where you get your inspiration for new products, menu items, ideas, etc.

3.Social!  You have to be social, no one can figure out Google’s algorithm exactly, but we do know one thing, it includes social.  What and who you are connecting with on a social level will have a lot to do with how the search engines view you.  Search engines don’t want to lose searches and if they don’t provide the right information to the person searching they will lose those eyeballs.

SEO Strategy doesn’t have to be hard, companies who want you to pay them money to do it make it seem hard.  Just by using the 3 listed tools, you can make your SEO perform better.  Continue to follow our blog and share the tips you learned here to get more out of your business.  Get out of the box and get some awesome!

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