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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog or Website

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 I have had this question from about 70% of my clients lately and it makes me wonder…. What is the #1 thing I say in all my education and meetings ~ if you build it you HAVE to tell someone about it. Am I not getting that message out there clear enough? We can’t just build something great, no matter what it is; blog, website, mobile application, new service you are going to offer, new product. It really doesn’t matter what it is, if you haven’t told anyone about it you will get zero traffic to anything anywhere.

Is there a myth or a perception out there that once you have something on the internet that it will just miraculously get traffic and Google knows about it and loves it? That couldn’t be more untrue. In fact, if you are new, Google could care less about you.

This image is my favorite! One does not simply get to the top of Google.

It takes time, work, effort, time, content, SEO strategy, time, consistency, did I say time yet? You get the picture. Traffic to your website or blog is great, we would all agree, but the right traffic is even better. If you just want traffic then use some link farms and spend days and nights commenting on other blogs with your links to get the traffic. If you want quality traffic to your website then promoting it and advertising it in places where your target market spends their time is the way to go. That takes time and content.

Our website and blog for example took almost 6 months to show up for the top search terms we focused on. That took , constant measuring of our keywords, consistent blogging and oh yeah ~ We told people about it! It got traffic, lots of traffic just from us telling people that is the best way to learn about us and contact us. We put everything on our website so everyone had to go there to learn about us. When we did presentations and offered them to attendees guess where they had to go to download them? Our website which has our blog!

The wrap-up: Here are 3 things you can do right now to get traffic to your website or blog:

Get quality content on there. Something that is quick and easy to read, easy to print and download and something that your target audience cares about.

Be patient, success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. A mentor that I greatly respect once said to me, why are you concerned about what shoes you are wearing to a marathon when you haven’t even gotten dressed or stretched? Thanks Robert Caruso! I love that, you can’t expect to win a marathon when you have never ran a day in your life! Get your stuff together and make it around the block before we worry about what place you are in.

Bury the “Field of Dreams” theory. No one is coming unless you tell them to. (at least for a while) Talk about it to people, post about it on your social networks, have your blog information on your business card, share your blog with people via email, ask for feedback. All of this will help in getting traffic, you never know. all it takes is the one person, one time to share your blog to the right group of people and boom, you have a steady group of followers, fans and advocates that actually care what you have to say.

Do these 3 things right now and 2 things will happen, 1. You won’t stress out so much, it isn’t good for you and 2. You might actually enjoy writing the content and talking to people about it. For more information about Synergy Marketing Consultants and how we can help you with your SEO strategy, blogging or social media call us at 970-639-9225 or visit our website at

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