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3 Steps to a Mobile Website That Google Loves

By November 20, 2013May 18th, 2017Uncategorized

Mobile Website grand junctionCreating a mobile website can be a challenge within itself.  Creating a mobile website that Google will love is even harder.  First you have to understand and harness the power of mobile.  With 53% of American consumers using their smartphones to access search engines at least once a day and 95% of those searches are for local business the power of mobile is HUGE!


Statistics like that should help you harness the power of mobile.  Understand that your customers are on the go, non-stop, all the time.  Is your brand on-the-go?  You might think you are in the clear with a mobile responsive site.  Mobile responsive meaning that your desktop site will adjust to the screen size that the end user is viewing your website on.  Hold up…. not so fast.  Having a responsive site is ok, but it is not the optimal result that you want.  Responsive has become very popular with many wordpress sites and is very common.  But how people search on mobile is different than how they search on a desktop.  The other problem with responsive is you are slamming ALL the information from a large desktop site into a small bandwidth and small screen so the load time will be slow, and even sometimes not load at all.


Mobile compatible is having a separate mobile site for your business with mobile friendly everything.  Pictures, forms, videos and even text should all be made with mobile in mind. Having a mobile redirect is important too.  Google wants the end user to have a good experience so it crawls for sites that have mobile meta tags, mobile keywords, and a FAST mobile site.   The search giant will also show you sites according to proximity so having your map on your mobile site is huge.  Having your business listed correctly on Google is another one, but that is for another blog.  So here are the 3 things you can do right now to create a mobile website that Google will love!

1.  Create a sub-domian right now of  This is your mobile redirect and will allow people to see you specific mobile site.

2.  Research how people are searching for your industry on-the-go.  Keep in mind when people search for you, is it while they are doing research for a large purchase or they just need some quick information about a price or location or hours?  What if they are just looking for a coupon or special?  Should you use those keywords?  More than likely, you know how your customers search for you and what they are looking for when they come to you.  You solve some kind of problem for them?  What is it?  Use that in your keywords and meta information.

3.  Find a reputable company if you aren’t comfortable yourself and get a mobile site built ASAP!  The revolution isn’t coming, it is already here!  There are a lot of mobile website builders out there and very few have the capability of doing everything you need.  Most are a watered down version of your existing site, you need something with full HTML5  and social integration, click to call, and tap to map.  That is what your customers want, why deny them?

Of course we have a solution for you.  (insert shameless plug here)  Our firm saw a need and we created a solution.  You can build a mobile website just like the one I talk about above and create the traffic you want, don’t wait for it to happen.  Log onto right now and see how easy it is to build a mobile website.  Don’t feel comfortable?  Call us!  We can help, we would rather help someone understand than continue to see the horrible “mobile sites” being passed off by local business right now.

Joining the mobile party isn’t scary, it is exciting!  What is scary is not joining because of fear, time, or my favorite money.  Can you afford not to?  Those numbers are astonishing, if you are a local business just put your head on your pillow every night with the numbers 53% and 95%.  No those numbers are not your yearly increases, that is the percentage of the market you are missing.  That should help you sleep.


For more information about how Synergy Marketing or Synergy Mobile can help your business and help you sleep at night contact us for a free consultation.

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