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Social Media Strategy in 4 Steps

By January 21, 2014May 18th, 2017Uncategorized

When looking at the infographic below, you can’t help but wonder….are we as a society that plugged in?  Yes, yes we are.  Ok quit thinking the worst and think how can I take advantage of that?

If you know that people are checking their phones at 7 am in bed and checking email, isn’t that a good time to schedule your mobile optimized email blast to hit inbox’s?  Probably, and what do you say?  Tell them to come have lunch on your or make sure to stay tuned over the next few days for a contest, or even better tell them to forward the email to a friend.  If you are posting on social media at 7 am, make sure your content is mobile optimized and ready for mobile viewing AND sharing!  Post a great motivational or funny picture to start someones day great!

Following the rest of the day let’s move to the 12:30-2 “social media golden hour”.  With that time being the highest traffic on social media and mobile internet usage, you better have a great looking mobile website with information your target audience is looking for.  This time is priceless for restaurants!  Posting a check-in special is sure to raise your reach and engagement.

Closing out the day strong is the ever popular reading the days news and checking email on your mobile phone while laying in bed trying to find something on Netflix.  Be the resource for all things local at that time and re-share local news stories or funny news articles.  In a world of not-so-great-news a funny article is sure to get shared.  You could also close out the day with a link to your most recent blog post.  Keeping in mind that it should be on a mobile compatible platform.

The 4th and final tip is really a simple one, write this down.  Be Consistent!  Get a strategy and stick to it, no you aren’t going to see a million leads come through your website or front door in 1 week, but you are going to notice the increase in customer engagement and sharing and that leads to leads.

Tell us your thoughts on the infographic below and how you think it will affect your mobile social media strategy!  If you are feeling over whelmed and need a little pep talk, call us!  We are pretty good at that too!


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