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3 Website Trends for 2014

By February 7, 2014May 18th, 2017Uncategorized

Web design trendsWebsite trends are not really trends, but rather what you need to have to be successful in the fast moving world of digital marketing.  There are so many factors that play into your website, but I have chosen 3 that will have a lot to do with your success in 2014.  I am including a bit of design, functionality and of course search.  While there are many more and we could go on and on, for the sake of time, let’s just stick with 3.



1.  A design trend I see right now is large, beautiful, stunning imagery in web design.  With sites like Instagram and Pinterest we have become a very image focused society.  We love beautiful images.  They transport us to another world and give us a feeling WOW.  Having beautiful images on your home page is one thing, but make sure that carries out through your entire site.  Hire a pro or be willing to pay the money for the rights to an image.

2. A functionality trend actually has to do with the design trend as well.  Google Hummingbird is placing a lot of weight on the page speed of your website.  As a certified Google Webmaster we check and optimize the page speed of all our websites.  With the large, high quality images you are using on your website, those can often slow down the page speed making it slow and cumbersome for users, especially mobile users.  Be sure to compress your images and take the time to check the page speed with a professional.

3. A trend for search that we are seeing is of course Google Hummingbird.  The use of long-tail keywords is making content marketing so important for your success.  Think of how your customer will find you or questions they ask when they call.  Incorporate that into your content and blogs and see the traffic increase!

As with all trends, things change.  We will keep up with the latest trends in web design and of course post them here.  Sign up for email alerts or subscribe via RSS.  If web design is making you stress and lose sleep, call us (but not in the middle of the night).

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