Motherhood and Marketing

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Motherhood and Marketing, you might be thinking what on earth do these things have to do with each other?  Quite a bit actually.  Both are usually a hot mess in the beginning and then you figure it out and both are something you know you have to be good at or it can cause some pretty bad damage.  Trust me, I would not call myself an expert at either, but one I have been doing for 18 years and the other I just started about a year ago, and I have seen some similarities that make me go hmmmmmm.   I have just picked a couple to touch on, but I could really go on for ever with this.

Let’s start with the birth or the opening of your new business.  You will get advice from every corner that you haven’t asked for on how to raise that baby and how to market your business.  What do you do with all the advice?  Throw it away!  Not really, but most of it you will throw out.  What people don’t realize is that every business is different and every baby is different.  Not only do the people around you not realize it, maybe you don’t realize it yet either.  You may be one of 5 cupcake shops in your town, but you are the only you and your passion is yours.  Carter may be 1 of 100 babies in my immediate circle, but he is the only Carter.  It took me a long time to realize that with my baby, but not so much my marketing.  I have always know that each business is so different and unique and needs to be approached from a fresh perspective each time I don’t know why that was so hard for me to realize with my baby.  But it was, and it cost me dearly.  It cost me precious time.  I spent weeks trying to make sure that he was “normal” according to all the solicited and unsolicited advice I was receiving and I missed out on hours of just holding my baby and enjoying him.  If you are a new business owner, you will waste money and time trying to do all the advice that is given to you and miss out on the one thing that may work which sometimes is to just be who you are.


The other way that motherhood and marketing are similar is the only constant is change!  Now that may totally contradict what you have always heard in marketing which is be consistent.  That is still true, be consistent, but be flexible and fluid.  The only constant with marketing is change, the way it reaches people, the medium that works for your business or the response it will all change, but the message should always be consistent.  The same goes for babies and sleep~ boy did I learn that and I am still learning it.  Just when you think you have something figured out and breath a sigh of relief, nope, they will throw you for a loop!  Your mind is constantly running trying to figure out what changed to make it better or worse.  You master a nap schedule and then they start teething, or get a cold, it is always something!  I’m sure a lot of business owners feel that way about social media, they finally get the idea of a Facebook page and how to use it for business and then boom ~ Facebook will change the rules or algorithm or something ridiculous.  Either way you are left scratching your head to figure out the next stage.  It is exhausting and you want to give up, but you know you can’t.  Remember the damage it can cause?  Long term damage to your business and your baby if you just give up and don’t try to help the situation.  In both situations, you have to just clear your head, listen and take action.  With your kiddos nap schedule, get off the internet, put the book down and just listen to your baby.  With your business, just take some time, listen to what the changes are, think about your customers and make a change.

With both situations I hope that you have at least one person that you can rely on as a sounding board that will just listen and offer advice when asked.  I had one for my kiddo and I am that person for a lot of people for marketing.  It feels good to have that person and be that person, but either way make sure you have a person.  Motherhood and marketing are both fun, I mean really fun.  I have never experienced joy like I have with this little tiny squishy creature and I have never experienced the stress either.  Marketing brings people joy and elation when it works and stress when it doesn’t.  They both have huge rewards and both are a long journey that you can’t just quit.  I think I’ll stick with both!


Please comment below and let me know your thoughts on either motherhood or marketing or if you see another similarity.  I think we are going to go for a walk and get inspired.

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