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Where Will Social Media Marketing Be 1 Year From Now?

By March 5, 2014May 18th, 2017Uncategorized

social-media-advertising-coloradoWhere will social media marketing be 1 year from now?  We get asked this on a weekly basis and there is no quick answer.  It is so fast-paced that the question should be where will social media be in 1 month.  It is a technology-based tool that is continually changing every year. Today, almost every business is using social media for marketing its products and services. Therefore if you are a social media marketer it is very important to keep updated about the social media trends in the next one year. After doing some research on one of our favorite sites Mashable we came up with this ~ Some of the trends expected include:

  1. Increased use of graphic software: More graphic software will be used to convert content from written into visual formats because social media users share, like, comment and click on posts in visual form more than those in written form
  2. Reduced sales on social media: more companies will be using their social media networks to nurture relationships, share value and engage their customers in discussing issues affecting them rather than selling their products on social media. Therefore sales through social media are expected to reduce
  3. More automation: with more online technologies being adopted, social media marketers are expected to automate most of the social media tactics and use more time to focus on content development and customer interaction
  4. Great content: companies will focus more on the type and quality of content they post on their social media networks so as to maintain their existing customers and attract more others
  5. More creativity: social media marketers will have to be creative so as to make their business outstanding on these networks
  6. Interactive content: content is expected to become more engaging and interactive on social media and not static
  7. Advanced tools are expected to be used to pay social media campaigns
  8. Google+ is expected to amalgamate into social media networks
  9. Linkedln will become the destination for publishing content


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