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How to fix the biggest problem with social media

By March 18, 2014May 18th, 2017Uncategorized

Social-media-In-Grand-Junction-ColoradoThere are so many problems with social media and we discuss how to fix the biggest problem with social media we see today.

Despite the many benefits of social media to business and individuals, studies have also shown that social media is making people crazy. The most recent study shows that social media increases your FOMO (fear of missing out). According to this study, 56% of social media users experience social media anxiety. These people normally get worried about missing posts on social media and this keeps them checking update son social media networks.

The following are the different types of FOMO on different social media sites:

  1. Pinterest: this gives you the craving to try out new things especially at home. For example, you can learn how to make cookies, desserts, cupcakes, among others. In addition, you may find yourself being encourages to workout and remain physically fit
  2. Instagram: you will feel the fear of missing perfect beaches, spectacular sunsets, memorable moments and activities that you are used to seeing in soap operas.
  3. Twitter: this will make you feel like you are really uninformed on what is happening and trending on a global platform. It is all about the latest hashtags especially from adult people
  4. Facebook: this can make you feel like a failure especially by seeing the success of other people. It can make you change your choices based on other people’s posts on FB
  5. Linkedln: it can instill the fear of career failure from your resume. It is a more professional site where people post their resumes, apply for jobs but stalking is not fun here.
  6. Spotify: this can make you find out how poor you are in selecting a playlist.

The best way to fix the above mentioned fears is by limiting the time you spend on social media. You can also decide to take some time off from social media if the FOMO is too much. Most importantly is to ensure that social media does not affect how you make personal choices for fear of other people’s comments.

We love social media, don’t get us wrong, but with everything it should be done in moderation.  If you need social media help or are looking for a platform to curb your time, call us we have 12 steps you can follow….

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