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Bad advice is usually preceded by fateful or terrible happenings, whether in life or business. Instead of ignoring such advice, people and businesses spend so much time trying to counteract their effects. So, why follow a bad advice when you can ignore it? Here are some of the worst marketing advice ever.

Black Dog Education, Meg, “If you build it, they will come.”

Kate Donlon, “You have no competitors for your ‘unique’ product or service.”

Shareena Ali, “You do not have to ask people what they want.”

Amanda Brandon, “If we make a brochure, we’ll increase sales.”

Abnormal Marketing, “If you just advertise, you will get customers.”

Cathy McKay, “I’m too busy with project work, so there is no need to market.”

Doug Sherwood, “I can get you to page one on Google… that’s all you need.”

Ann Swanson, “Just have the intern do it.”

Marketing Sutra, “A/B testing can wait.”

Steve McNamara, “Join Share A Sale’… an affiliate program that costs a lot of money and delivers a lot of spam ‘coupon’ sites.”

Patrick Ifonge, “We are going to do the same things as our competitors, but we will do it better.”

Signs by Tomorrow, “Let us go through and delete all bad reviews on social sites for you…”

Nameer Khan, “Develop the business and if they are interested THEN we will send them the proposal.”

Adam Kleinberg, “ Had a client who hired us to do a logo, and then wanted us to put five icons into the logo.”


Do you have a piece of marketing advice you received that you look back and think what the heck?  If so, comment below with yours, we would love to hear!

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