This may shock some of you, but I have deleted Facebook from my phone!  Now for the why I deleted Facebook story.  Is Facebook really all it’s cracked up to be?  You would think that I would say yes as a social media manager.  I’m going to shock you again and tell you right now, NO!  The purpose of social media is to be social but not at the expense of being anti-social in real life.  I recently decided that I was going to accept a challenge to get off Facebook and get into real life.  I noticed that I was missing out on things and I was also losing touch with the people around me.  For example, my husband and I fell into a really bad habit of being attached to our “electronic leashes” and couldn’t have our phones more than 2 feet away from us.  Those little red icons and notifications were so addicting.  You know the thought process “Oh, who needs me?”  ” Oh, who commented and said something to me?”  “Oh, who is doing whatever?”  It started to consume my life. If you haven’t read the infographic about the effect social media has on our brain, you should.   It is easy to do as a social media consultant because it is all I do every day, I get asked about it, emailed about it, even Facebook Messaged about it.  I don’t mind, it is my passion, but it is not my purpose. My purpose is to be present and to be the best me I can be, but how can I when my face is pointed down at a screen constantly?  How can I really be listening to the needs of my client or the business pain they need me to help them solve? I can’t, I wasn’t, and I wasn’t happy about it.

The Change

I struggled for a long time on how to fix this.  I couldn’t delete FB, what if someone needed me!  What if someone like a client needed me to address something or answer a question on their page?  What if…..  I kept coming up with excuses.  Then finally one night my little guy picked up a square block and started to use it like a smart phone and I about cried.  I deleted the Facebook application off my phone right away.  I instantly put my phone to the side and didn’t pick it up for the rest of the night.  You know what happened?  NOTHING, not one person got mad, not one page got hacked not one bad thing happened.  I didn’t lose any friends, I didn’t lose any followers and I didn’t even lose a client.  Those little red icons and notifications no longer ruled my day!!  I still have to have the application to manage my clients pages from a mobile device in case of an emergency, but the hours and hours of endless scrolling were gone!

The Reward

So 1 week into my Facebook hiatus and you know what did happen?  I became more productive than I have ever been.  I watched my little boy play cars for an hour and just marveled at his imagination.  I was so into his world, I even came up with a great campaign for a client while I was NOT on Facebook.  I connected and laughed and truly enjoyed the people around me whoever that was.  I became more attentive to my clients and realized that I had missed a few things.  I felt joy and happiness and peace and a sense of NOT being pulled in a million directions.  My husband and I talked over dinners and we laughed, we actually looked at each other and I remembered how handsome he is.  I engaged in conversations with tone and inflection not punctuation and emojis.

Moving Forward

So how can I correctly manage a clients social media presence without being on social media all day long every day?  Easy, you get help, but you even give your help a break from social media.  I am still on social media and it is still very much a part of my life, but it is no longer the ruler of my time and my day and my life.  It is my passion, but not my purpose.  My purpose is to be a helpful, present consultant and listen to the needs and pain of my clients.  My purpose is to be a positive influence in their lives and businesses, to provide sound advice on marketing and digital media in a world of clutter.  How could I do that if I wasn’t all in because of the constant notifications and dings?  My purpose is to be the best me I can possibly be without distractions and a false sense of importance.

All In

This change has shifted not only my life, but my business.  I have stopped looking at social media from just a consumer perspective, but rather, if I am like most consumers I was bombarded with crap all day long in my feed.  My time on social media is limited, so brands have very little time to reach me and catch my attention.  Rather than take that as a negative I started approaching every client as though they only had 1 chance to catch someones attention because this person limits their social media time.  (Although studies show that FB users typically spend 70+ minutes a day on social media with 87% of that time on mobile) When I started approaching every client with that strategy, the game changed.  I have always approached social strategy with the user in mind, but my perception of the user changed when I realized my struggles were everyone else’s struggles.  I am not saying that social media is evil and you shouldn’t do it, what I am saying is do it in moderation, and as a business do it with a crystal clear purpose and strategy.  Don’t just do it to do it.  Nike was wrong on that one when it comes to business and social media.  I hope you enjoyed this read and found some sort of help in deciding what to do with your social media time and your strategy.  If you still need help, reach out!  I would love to sit down and analyze your business and find some productivity hot spots!

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