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A while ago I wrote a blog about making killer video.  Remember- Don’t go cheap, Use graphics, and Be Human?   Now you have listened and make a great video about your product or service; where do you put it?  This is just as important as the video itself.  I mean why would you have a beautiful car and put it on a dirt lot in the middle of no where?  You wouldn’t.  Video is most effective when it can be linked to other things, so we always encourage our clients to put any video they have on YouTube.  There are a couple of reasons with the biggest one being it is partnered with Google.  Being partnered with Google will actually help you if you tag your videos correctly because when someone searches for something you offer, if your video is tagged correctly you show up in the search engine.  It is sort of like SEO without the small fortune you could spend on it.  Now don’t get me wrong this will not cure all your search engine problems, but it will help your videos be relevant and seen.  Another reason to post on YouTube is the creation of a custom YouTube Channel.  Don’t know what I am talking about check these out:

See how those are completely different with the brand and brand message?  That is way more effective than having me watch your video surrounded by ads and other videos.  Another reason to use YouTube; it is universal!  You can upload or share a YouTube video almost anywhere and guess what happens then?  You can go viral, the more people see your video, the more people you can touch and influence.  The social game is all about influence right?

How much of your product or service will you sell with just video?  That depends; is it a good video and did anyone see it?  If you answered yes, then you will make connections and sales will increase.  The power of video isn’t going anywhere, but how can you as a business owner harness the power of video and increase your bottom line?  I hope I gave you some tips to get you started in the video world.  Please feel free to comment or leave your questions for me to answer in future posts! Till next time!

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