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3 Ways To Make Killer Video

With video engagement on the rise and marketing budgets on the decline it is important to look at where you can get the most bang for your buck.  Video is an extremely effective way to drive a message home, drive traffic to your website or Facebook page, or just increase awareness of your brand.  We encourage and incorporate video into each of our clients and they love it!  In fact, we just completed a project with a local mortgage loan officer’s website that we designed and incorporated video onto each page.  Not just video, but walk-out video where he is engaging you and talking directly to you.  Pretty slick!  Check it out here
I am going to give you 3 ways that you can make a killer video to accomplish whatever message you are trying to get across.
1.  Don’t go cheap!  Hire a professional with a good camera and lighting.  You are trying to come off professional and drive the value of your product or service home, so show the value by having a good quality video.  Flip videos are great for car dealers doing a walk around on a car, but not for someone sitting behind a desk or in their store talking about new product and services.  With so many HD screens (even on phones) you and your surroundings should look good!  You can usually find a production crew that will give you a break if you commit to several videos with them.
2.  Use graphics!  Incorporate your logo, website, phone number, twitter handle, whatever you can think of to use in the video whether on the bottom or at then end screen, but this is just another opportunity for people to contact you.  Don’t have your entire video be dancing graphics while you are talking, just incorporate them in any way you can.  It increases brand awareness and adds a level of professionalism you competition probably isn’t doing.
3.  Be human!  You shouldn’t worry about scripting the entire thing; people want to engage with people, not politicians.  Don’t sound like you are running for office in your video, sound like you are having a genuine conversation with your prospects or customers.  If you make a little blunder, keep going and keep eye contact with the camera.  I have seen so many videos that look like a 30 second political commercial and I just don’t get it.  Think about what your customers or potential customers want to hear from a real person they are talking to, not someone who is trying to sell them something.  Society has become so desensitized to the “Sham-wow” type selling that it just isn’t effective anymore.

I hope these help and you feel comfortable venturing into the world of video.  Stay tuned for my next blog about where to put these awesome videos you just filmed!  Till next time!

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