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1.Make videos that will encourage the next step for more info.  For example show something that you are doing and end the video with you holding a sign that says to see the final product go to

2.Make videos that are shareable.  Things that are funny, interesting or just plain awesome footage is shareable.  The audio should be interesting but it has to be visually appealing!!

3.Use your hashtags wisely.  Think about what people are searching for that might include your business.  Market your business to the right people by showing up in the right searches.

With Instagram launching video style options and the partnership with Facebook, video is no joke.  A good marketing strategy will have a combination of appealing video with a call to action, shareable content and show up in the right searches.  This is true for any marketing strategy, not just a social one.  With video ads coming to Facebook this summer, your small business can be competitive on a social level all while being cost effective.  For more information on a cost effective video strategy contact us for a free consultation.

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