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Facebook Ads – Worth it or Wasteful?

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We are constantly asked if Facebook Ads are worth it or wasteful.  While this is focusing on Facebook Ads, you should really ask that question of any advertising you are doing,  is it worth it or wasteful?

Despite the fact that Facebook was not designed to provide businesses with a marketing platform, it has grown to be a social media advertising giant. In 2013, the firm made more than $5.6 billion from ads. Facebook allows businesses to purchase ads according to the marketing strategy or method they are implementing because the ad options are objective-oriented. This means that the strategy Facebook uses for advertisements is based on a firm’s marketing goals and objectives.
This ensures that the chosen ad option by a business will bring them a higher return on investments. Unlike in previous years, Facebook has improved its social context to ensure that every user can see the businesses their friends have liked. These strategies have been improved by Facebook trying to enhance the value of its ads so that businesses can attain great results.

Is this really Worth it or Wasteful?

Yes, it is sure worth it. According to a survey conducted by Hubspot in 2013, 74% of marketers integrate Facebook in their lead generation campaign initiatives, and 52% said they got a buyer through the social media platform. Datalogix (a firm that records the behaviors and habits of shoppers in more than 100 million households in the U.S) and Facebook partnered in 2012 to determine the Facebook ads’ effectiveness. The study showed that 60 distinct Facebook campaigns realized great results: 50% of the campaigns realized a ROI 5 times higher while 70% received 3 times ROI on their investments.
Hashtags, likes, the ‘boost post’ button and the ‘build audience’ button are some features of Facebook used for advertising. The ‘Ad Manager’ feature allows businesses to monitor or track their campaigns in addition to getting reports.

One quick way to make it wasteful is to not have a clear objective in mind or a clear understanding of your budget. If you have questions about your Facebook advertising or want to get started.  Contact us below and let’s get in touch!

Are Facebook Ads Worth it or wasteful

Do you need a new website? A quick answer to a difficult question

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Do you need a new website? A quick answer to a difficult question.

Do you need a new website? It sounds so simple, but it is a really difficult question. Hopefully this article will help you come to a quick answer to a difficult question. Do you really need a new website? How important is it really? We have developed a quick online quiz to help you determine the answer pretty quickly. It is difficult for some businesses to really understand when it is time to freshen up their marketing and their online presence. Unfortunately, most of the time it comes too late. Don’t be that stressed out business owner watching your competition take business from you because you didn’t know when the right time was. Answer these 5 questions and get a solid answer, then let us help you through the rest.

Our resident website ninja Matt, says that anything older than 3 years should be updated with updated content, pictures, and lead capture widgets.  You wouldn’t have your sales people say the same thing for 3 years, so why would your website say the same thing?  Your website is your silent (or not so silent if you are doing it right) salesperson. Consumer behavior changes, search habits change and most of all your business changes.  Having an old website that doesn’t reflect the change in consumer behavior or the change in your business is simply not a true reflection of who you are.

How much does a new website cost?

The question should really be, how much will it cost you to NOT have a new website?  When was the last time you looked at your current website traffic and the conversion rate?  By not looking at these important factors you are missing business, no matter who is walking through your door.  The actual cost comes down to your budget.  Your budget will determine the performance of your website.  The quality of work will always be outstanding from our team, but we cannot make up your budget for you.  Sometimes these conversations need to take place in person or online, and we can help with that.  If you aren’t sure if you need a new website and what it would cost to get one, send us a shout and we will do a free analysis of your current website and suggestions on what a new website would bring to your business.

Why should we work with the Synergy Team?

Well, we are cool, at least we think so.  We also have a handful of clients who happen to think we are pretty cool too!  We believe that your business is your passion and our business is to discover that passion and put it into a story.  Online or in person, people want to feel your passion.  We are experts at making that passion come across through beautiful design, creative innovation and ideas not ads.  If you still need a few more reasons, shoot on over to our testimonials page and read what others have to say about the Synergy Team.  Go ahead, we will wait….  🙂

Winning with Mobile

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Win-big-with-MobileWinning, we all love it, but winning with mobile is even better!  This is a strategy that is sure to please your customers, they want you on mobile, they want you to win.  C’mon, give the people what they want!

The use of mobile marketing is increasing rapidly all over the world. Every online business is using mobile marketing strategy to give its customers better services. But for the mobile strategy to be effective and efficient, there are certain things that a mobile website must have. These are:

Optimization tools: these will enable your mobile website users to optimize images and pages before downloading them so as to reduce their data usage.

Easy access: your business mobile website should enable users to access the contact information by a click of buttons. Your address should also be located in a place that is easy to access

Systematic content: every mobile user wants to access information from a mobile website as quick and easy as possible. Your business mobile website content should be well organized, precise and complete to make it easy for users to find it very quickly

Large buttons: remember that users will not be using mouse clicks but finger clicks to navigate through the mobile website. Therefore your buttons and links on your mobile website should be large enough to be clicked without having to zoom.

Provide links to full websites: all mobile users want to get complete information on their mobiles. Therefore you should add a link that will allow user to switch to your full website for comprehensive resources.

Thus as a mobile strategy, you need to consider the above mentioned items when developing or running your business mobile website for better results. If applied correctly, mobile marketing is a very essential business marketing tool. Take the advantage of the increasing number of mobile users to use your mobile website as a marketing strategy for your business.

To learn more or build your own mobile website, visit our sister company  Synergy Mobile Sites and build your mobile site in minutes!

3 Free Social Media Resources

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free-social-mediaWe all love free, so here are 3 free social media resources you can all use.

Social media has become one of the most reliable marketing platforms for different types of business. As a result of this, several free social media resources have been developed to enable businesses promote their businesses to social media users and improve social engagements between companies and customers.

The following are 3 free social media resources that have remain outstanding in promoting different types of online business. Most importantly is that these resources are free:

  1. Piktochart: this is a social media resource that allows you to share different types of pictures on social media platforms. With Piktochart, you can customize and upload pictures by a click of buttons. It makes it easier for you to share high quality pictures of your business that will give a good impression of it
  2. Hootsuite free account: this is one of the social media resources specifically for scheduling. It helps you develop a plan for your business on when to engage with your social media users. As a matter of fact, being active on social media is very essential for the success of any business but planning time for it is also important. With hootsuite, you will be able to schedule when to meet your customers depending on their availability
  3. Google alerts: google has been merged into social media networks and its results are remarkable. The google alerts is a social media resource mainly for content. Through this resource, a business can send alerts automatically to its social media users on any new content available on its website. It is also beneficial for businesses because it helps them in monitoring the number of clicks, posts, shares, comments or likes they receive on the updated content

By using these 3 free social media resources, your business performance on social media will improve.

Quit Ignoring Mobile Marketing

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Mobile-marketing-coloradoQuit ignoring mobile marketing!!  I literally want to scream this every day.  No matter what business you are in, if you aren’t taking advantage of mobile marketing you are missing out!  Let’s talk about mobile marketing and why you can’t ignore it anymore.

There is no doubt that the use of technology is increasing every day. This, among other reasons, is making it difficult for any business to ignore mobile marketing. Therefore for the purposes of improving the performance of your business, you need to consider developing a mobile website.

There are several reasons as to why mobile marketing can no longer be ignored. Some of these include:

  1. More mobile users: the number of people using mobile devices to surf the internet is increasing rapidly. As a business marketing strategy, you should develop a mobile website so as to make it easier for your customers to access information on their mobiles.
  2. Reduced surfing cost: surfing on a mobile website is cost effective when compared with accessing the internet on other devices. As a result of this, mobile strategy is important because more people are using mobiles to access websites of different businesses
  3. Development of mobile apps: new mobile applications are being developed everyday which make navigating through mobile websites easier and interesting. This means that more people are expected to continue using mobiles to access the internet. The apps enable mobile website content to be optimized and make it easier for users to navigate through the sites and access the information they need

Therefore if you have a business or planning to start one, mobile strategy should be one of the most important considerations. Businesses are nowadays competing for customers and leads through the internet. For your business to be competitive enough, a good mobile website is necessary.


For your free mobile website builder to be a part of the mobile revolution call us now!  Or click here and visit our mobile division and get your website mobile in less than 15 minutes.

How to fix the biggest problem with social media

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Social-media-In-Grand-Junction-ColoradoThere are so many problems with social media and we discuss how to fix the biggest problem with social media we see today.

Despite the many benefits of social media to business and individuals, studies have also shown that social media is making people crazy. The most recent study shows that social media increases your FOMO (fear of missing out). According to this study, 56% of social media users experience social media anxiety. These people normally get worried about missing posts on social media and this keeps them checking update son social media networks.

The following are the different types of FOMO on different social media sites:

  1. Pinterest: this gives you the craving to try out new things especially at home. For example, you can learn how to make cookies, desserts, cupcakes, among others. In addition, you may find yourself being encourages to workout and remain physically fit
  2. Instagram: you will feel the fear of missing perfect beaches, spectacular sunsets, memorable moments and activities that you are used to seeing in soap operas.
  3. Twitter: this will make you feel like you are really uninformed on what is happening and trending on a global platform. It is all about the latest hashtags especially from adult people
  4. Facebook: this can make you feel like a failure especially by seeing the success of other people. It can make you change your choices based on other people’s posts on FB
  5. Linkedln: it can instill the fear of career failure from your resume. It is a more professional site where people post their resumes, apply for jobs but stalking is not fun here.
  6. Spotify: this can make you find out how poor you are in selecting a playlist.

The best way to fix the above mentioned fears is by limiting the time you spend on social media. You can also decide to take some time off from social media if the FOMO is too much. Most importantly is to ensure that social media does not affect how you make personal choices for fear of other people’s comments.

We love social media, don’t get us wrong, but with everything it should be done in moderation.  If you need social media help or are looking for a platform to curb your time, call us we have 12 steps you can follow….

Where Will Social Media Marketing Be 1 Year From Now?

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social-media-advertising-coloradoWhere will social media marketing be 1 year from now?  We get asked this on a weekly basis and there is no quick answer.  It is so fast-paced that the question should be where will social media be in 1 month.  It is a technology-based tool that is continually changing every year. Today, almost every business is using social media for marketing its products and services. Therefore if you are a social media marketer it is very important to keep updated about the social media trends in the next one year. After doing some research on one of our favorite sites Mashable we came up with this ~ Some of the trends expected include:

  1. Increased use of graphic software: More graphic software will be used to convert content from written into visual formats because social media users share, like, comment and click on posts in visual form more than those in written form
  2. Reduced sales on social media: more companies will be using their social media networks to nurture relationships, share value and engage their customers in discussing issues affecting them rather than selling their products on social media. Therefore sales through social media are expected to reduce
  3. More automation: with more online technologies being adopted, social media marketers are expected to automate most of the social media tactics and use more time to focus on content development and customer interaction
  4. Great content: companies will focus more on the type and quality of content they post on their social media networks so as to maintain their existing customers and attract more others
  5. More creativity: social media marketers will have to be creative so as to make their business outstanding on these networks
  6. Interactive content: content is expected to become more engaging and interactive on social media and not static
  7. Advanced tools are expected to be used to pay social media campaigns
  8. Google+ is expected to amalgamate into social media networks
  9. Linkedln will become the destination for publishing content


To keep up with the current trends and make sure your business is getting the most out of social media, contact us for a FREE review of your social strategy.  Free no obligation, just get the scoop on how the world sees your social media.

3 Website Trends for 2014

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Web design trendsWebsite trends are not really trends, but rather what you need to have to be successful in the fast moving world of digital marketing.  There are so many factors that play into your website, but I have chosen 3 that will have a lot to do with your success in 2014.  I am including a bit of design, functionality and of course search.  While there are many more and we could go on and on, for the sake of time, let’s just stick with 3.



1.  A design trend I see right now is large, beautiful, stunning imagery in web design.  With sites like Instagram and Pinterest we have become a very image focused society.  We love beautiful images.  They transport us to another world and give us a feeling WOW.  Having beautiful images on your home page is one thing, but make sure that carries out through your entire site.  Hire a pro or be willing to pay the money for the rights to an image.

2. A functionality trend actually has to do with the design trend as well.  Google Hummingbird is placing a lot of weight on the page speed of your website.  As a certified Google Webmaster we check and optimize the page speed of all our websites.  With the large, high quality images you are using on your website, those can often slow down the page speed making it slow and cumbersome for users, especially mobile users.  Be sure to compress your images and take the time to check the page speed with a professional.

3. A trend for search that we are seeing is of course Google Hummingbird.  The use of long-tail keywords is making content marketing so important for your success.  Think of how your customer will find you or questions they ask when they call.  Incorporate that into your content and blogs and see the traffic increase!

As with all trends, things change.  We will keep up with the latest trends in web design and of course post them here.  Sign up for email alerts or subscribe via RSS.  If web design is making you stress and lose sleep, call us (but not in the middle of the night).

The Winners and Losers From The Super Bowl

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Winner-Super Bowl AdWhile there was a very clear winner and loser from the Super Bowl on the field, in the world of marketing it isn’t always that clear.  We are here to break it down for you and explain who and why we think the winners and losers in the biggest show of advertising dollars there is.  I am a little bummed that the Broncos didn’t perform better, but hey, you come to the big show you better be prepared.  The advertisers put their best foot forward and there was a definite winner.  Just like on the field.

First of all I want to point out that there are a ton of car and technology commercials in this game.  Why?  because that is who spends the most money on advertising and they see the value of the impression they can make.  Almost every brand had a presence in the game, by sponsoring something or having a commercial, every brand was represented.  The question is, if you are a Ford guy, did the Chevy commercial about World Cancer day really make you want to switch?  Probably not, that isn’t the purpose of the campaign.  The purpose was to create a positive brand interaction with them.  Did you get a good feeling when you watched it?  If you did, then it worked.  Every brand discussed wants to create a feeling of either joy, laughter, sorrow, peace or something else.  The purpose of advertising is to create emotion so think about each ad and the emotion it created as you recap the commercials.

The brands that didn’t stand out to me as far as car commercials was the Bruce Willis Honda “Hugs” campaign.  That was just odd.  What feeling are you trying to create Honda?  You want me to stop and hug someone because you care about their safety?  You hug them if you are so worried about their safety, or better yet, have your salespeople hug people after the sale because they are going to be safe, not because you just put another set of wheels on the road.  Another total fail for me was the Kia commercial….. really?  Morpheus singing opera?  Yes that pretty much is an alternate universe that anyone would ever put Kia in the same brand as luxury….ever.  The other ones that people either love or hate was the Butterfinger, not very family friendly and I’m pretty sure that kids eat Butterfingers, and the Coke “America is Beautiful” ad.  Some people loved it and others hated it.  There was a Twitter firestorm over it.  Some people believed that our national anthem shouldn’t be sung in other languages, while others say America is a melting pot and it was very true to our current state of cultural acceptance.  Whether it was a win or lose considering the social media storm it created remains to be seen.

The usual Budweiser, Bud Light and the unexpected Maserati and Audi ads really stood out to me personally.  Budweiser had a touching and cute ad and of course a patriotic ad, both of which pulled at the heartstrings of Americans.  The Maserati ad was bold and powerful although when talking to the masses, your car is not really what they would consider “affordable”.  However, it did have me glued to the screen wondering what in the world is this, its so cool and mysterious.  The Audi ad was just a hilarious reason why you don’t ever compromise, with dogs that is.  The Doberhuahua ad was funny, although I’m not to sure on their wanting to use a compromise message in their advertising.

There was one brand that stood out to me as the best ad and believe it or not it didn’t include any puppies, soldiers or cars at all.  Some of the Bronco fans probably missed it because they shut off the game in disgust, but if you missed it the best placement, message and purpose of an ad was the Esurance Save 30.  Absolutely brilliant placement being the first commercial after the big game and saving MILLIONS.  The message was clear, they saved money and you can save money with them, the call to action was clear and it was fun.  Just tweet #esurancesave30 and you could win the 1.5 million they saved on their commercial.  Twitter lit up after that commercial.  They were trending on twitter and still are almost 12 hours after the game.  They understand their audience and they understand how to reach them and interact with them.  They didn’t ask people to buy anything, they asked them to tweet something, they asked millions of people to create a brand awareness that is user generated.

So these are our winners and losers from the #brandbowl2014  Comment below with your thoughts or who you think really stood out and who just wasted money.   Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog about the pitiful “local” ads that ran here in the Grand Junction Colorado Market.  It is sure to offend someone so it should be good.

The OTHER Side of Building Value

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quality websitesIf you are in sales then you have heard the term “Build Value” But what does that mean exactly? Not only that, but what is the OTHER side of building value?   I think you need to start with what does the target person value?  Do they value their time, money, reputation, their people or employees?  What do they value? Why do they value it, and what will it do for their business if they fix the problem?  I will give you an example of something we recently encountered.  A potential client did a consultation with us and we discovered some interesting things about their business and the way it was running.  This person started a great business to a very targeting audience and really had a great product at a great price.  Through the consultation we also discovered that they wanted a better functioning and better looking website to reach people on a regional level and have sales really explode in the next quarter.  Great!  We had a comprehensive plan to redo the website to make it much easier for people to connect, learn and ultimately purchase product.  We went over the pricing in a proposal and it was a solution to the problem of needing a better looking website.

A few days later we got an email that they are going to stay with their current service provider (GoDaddy & Website Tonight) and just hope that sales pick up.  What??!!  Hope?  That is never a good strategy.  At first we were a little blown away, how on earth could a GoDaddy Website tonight website be better than a fully custom website?  Then we got to talking in the office, we didn’t build enough value in NOT doing business with us.  We talked a lot about what it would be like to DO business with us, but we didn’t talk about the consequences of NOT doing business with us.  We built value in our product, our service and the results, but we didn’t talk about what would happen to the clients business if they didn’t do this.

Now trust me I am not talking about fear-based selling, I personally despise that!  Don’t tell me to do something because my competitor is or might, that never works.  I am talking about specifically talking about her goals and how they will not be reached any other way than with a website overhaul.  I don’t care if they didn’t go with us, but to stay with the poorly built, hard to navigate and very poorly done SEO website they have now is just senseless!  After thinking about our conversation though, I am not surprised; we didn’t address the pain which I believe is the other side of value.

You see, we as humans always want to do 2 things, feel good and reduce pain.  You feel good when you think you got a great value on a purchase, you feel pain when you miss out or something becomes difficult.  That part of the conversation is very rarely talked about with sales people.  Since we have changed our consultations to talk about what the client is missing or what pain they might feel by not fixing these certain things in their business, sales have increased.  We have even had some people go with another service, but still fixing their business woes that we discussed so in the end, we did our job in the consultation.  Of course we always want to build value in what we provide, but we also need to talk candidly about what will happen if their business heads down the same path it is on.  After all, if what we offer was something that didn’t keep them up at night we would be doing a consultation.  So sales people, do not sell based on fear, but rather address the other side of building value and address the pain in a very real way.