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Social Media Strategy in 4 Steps

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When looking at the infographic below, you can’t help but wonder….are we as a society that plugged in?  Yes, yes we are.  Ok quit thinking the worst and think how can I take advantage of that?

If you know that people are checking their phones at 7 am in bed and checking email, isn’t that a good time to schedule your mobile optimized email blast to hit inbox’s?  Probably, and what do you say?  Tell them to come have lunch on your or make sure to stay tuned over the next few days for a contest, or even better tell them to forward the email to a friend.  If you are posting on social media at 7 am, make sure your content is mobile optimized and ready for mobile viewing AND sharing!  Post a great motivational or funny picture to start someones day great!

Following the rest of the day let’s move to the 12:30-2 “social media golden hour”.  With that time being the highest traffic on social media and mobile internet usage, you better have a great looking mobile website with information your target audience is looking for.  This time is priceless for restaurants!  Posting a check-in special is sure to raise your reach and engagement.

Closing out the day strong is the ever popular reading the days news and checking email on your mobile phone while laying in bed trying to find something on Netflix.  Be the resource for all things local at that time and re-share local news stories or funny news articles.  In a world of not-so-great-news a funny article is sure to get shared.  You could also close out the day with a link to your most recent blog post.  Keeping in mind that it should be on a mobile compatible platform.

The 4th and final tip is really a simple one, write this down.  Be Consistent!  Get a strategy and stick to it, no you aren’t going to see a million leads come through your website or front door in 1 week, but you are going to notice the increase in customer engagement and sharing and that leads to leads.

Tell us your thoughts on the infographic below and how you think it will affect your mobile social media strategy!  If you are feeling over whelmed and need a little pep talk, call us!  We are pretty good at that too!


Mobile Search Success in 5 steps!

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Mobile Search seems to be on everyone’s lips right now.  We talk about it all the time in the office and we often get asked about it from clients on what they can do to have a successful mobile campaign.  While doing research we stumbled across this awesome infographic from

A good mobile search strategy isn’t just an option for small business, it is a must.  With 95% of mobile users using their phone for local search, the need for a hyper-local presence is greater than ever.    In a recent class we discussed how a business can be successful with a mobile search campaign and take advantage of the millions of search queries done on a mobile device done every day.

  • Establish a strong local presence!  Claim your Google places, yelp and other review sites accounts.  Don’t wait for someone else to tell the search engines about your business, You may not like what they have to say.


  • Optimize your email campaigns for mobile content!  Don’t forget about those outgoing links either.  With 88% of consumers checking their email on a mobile device you want to make sure you can capture them when you have the chance.


  • Make you social mobile! The number of people using their mobile device to access social media is just plain astonishing!  91% of consumers use their mobile device.  Think about that when you are posting links to outgoing pages…. is it mobile compatible?  We have gotten pretty picky about what we share due to a poor mobile experience for our fans and followers.  Great for our audience, but not so great for the people who have great content, it just doesn’t ever get seen because of a poor mobile experience.


  • Invest in Mobile Advertising!  Understand that people will click on mobile ads, if it is relevant to what they are searching for or looking at on a website.  Be cautious…. remember that where they go from your mobile ad should be mobile optimized.  I recently saw an advertiser on our local news media mobile site, when I clicked on the ad, I went to a non-mobile webpage.  Very, very, very frustrating… for me and the advertiser because they are wasting money.


  • Mobile Content Strategy! Yes you need a content strategy, but you also need a mobile content strategy.  How does your consumer utilize you or search for you on a mobile device?  Is it different that on a desktop?  Probably, so your content should match what they are searching for via a mobile device.  For example a plumber doesn’t need every single tip, trick and information about why they are so great on their mobile device.  Think about it, when I get a call while I am in an airport traveling that my pipes have busted, I am going to Google “Plumber in Grand Junction”  I need a site that is fast and has the phone number very prominent.  In the search description it should tell me that the plumber is open 24 hours a day and handles any size emergency.

In conclusion, check out this infographic and let us know your thoughts.  If you need a mobile strategy and feel overwhelmed, call us, we can help!  Fill out the Free Consultation form and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


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Beautiful Social Media Statistics

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We love infographics!  We love beautiful infographics that have social media statistics on them!  Coming across this one we found some things to stand out to us.  The fact that websites using the +1 button increase page traffic by 350%, that is amazing!  Do you have you +1 Button on every page?   Or what about 23% of users on Facebook check their accounts % TIMES or more everyday!  Are you there talking to your customers when they check?  More importantly, are you saying something of value?   The one that really stood out to us was the 80% of users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook.  That raises 2 points.  1. Do you consider yourself a brand and if so do you understand and value your brand equity with a customer? 2. Are you connecting with your customer the way they want to be connected with? If they prefer to connect with you via Facebook and not email, why are you trying to force them onto your email list?



Tell us your thoughts by commenting below.  If you have questions about your marketing and what Synergy Marketing can do to help you stress less contact us using our nifty contact form!

3 Steps to a Mobile Website That Google Loves

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Mobile Website grand junctionCreating a mobile website can be a challenge within itself.  Creating a mobile website that Google will love is even harder.  First you have to understand and harness the power of mobile.  With 53% of American consumers using their smartphones to access search engines at least once a day and 95% of those searches are for local business the power of mobile is HUGE!


Statistics like that should help you harness the power of mobile.  Understand that your customers are on the go, non-stop, all the time.  Is your brand on-the-go?  You might think you are in the clear with a mobile responsive site.  Mobile responsive meaning that your desktop site will adjust to the screen size that the end user is viewing your website on.  Hold up…. not so fast.  Having a responsive site is ok, but it is not the optimal result that you want.  Responsive has become very popular with many wordpress sites and is very common.  But how people search on mobile is different than how they search on a desktop.  The other problem with responsive is you are slamming ALL the information from a large desktop site into a small bandwidth and small screen so the load time will be slow, and even sometimes not load at all.


Mobile compatible is having a separate mobile site for your business with mobile friendly everything.  Pictures, forms, videos and even text should all be made with mobile in mind. Having a mobile redirect is important too.  Google wants the end user to have a good experience so it crawls for sites that have mobile meta tags, mobile keywords, and a FAST mobile site.   The search giant will also show you sites according to proximity so having your map on your mobile site is huge.  Having your business listed correctly on Google is another one, but that is for another blog.  So here are the 3 things you can do right now to create a mobile website that Google will love!

1.  Create a sub-domian right now of  This is your mobile redirect and will allow people to see you specific mobile site.

2.  Research how people are searching for your industry on-the-go.  Keep in mind when people search for you, is it while they are doing research for a large purchase or they just need some quick information about a price or location or hours?  What if they are just looking for a coupon or special?  Should you use those keywords?  More than likely, you know how your customers search for you and what they are looking for when they come to you.  You solve some kind of problem for them?  What is it?  Use that in your keywords and meta information.

3.  Find a reputable company if you aren’t comfortable yourself and get a mobile site built ASAP!  The revolution isn’t coming, it is already here!  There are a lot of mobile website builders out there and very few have the capability of doing everything you need.  Most are a watered down version of your existing site, you need something with full HTML5  and social integration, click to call, and tap to map.  That is what your customers want, why deny them?

Of course we have a solution for you.  (insert shameless plug here)  Our firm saw a need and we created a solution.  You can build a mobile website just like the one I talk about above and create the traffic you want, don’t wait for it to happen.  Log onto right now and see how easy it is to build a mobile website.  Don’t feel comfortable?  Call us!  We can help, we would rather help someone understand than continue to see the horrible “mobile sites” being passed off by local business right now.

Joining the mobile party isn’t scary, it is exciting!  What is scary is not joining because of fear, time, or my favorite money.  Can you afford not to?  Those numbers are astonishing, if you are a local business just put your head on your pillow every night with the numbers 53% and 95%.  No those numbers are not your yearly increases, that is the percentage of the market you are missing.  That should help you sleep.


For more information about how Synergy Marketing or Synergy Mobile can help your business and help you sleep at night contact us for a free consultation.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog or Website

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 I have had this question from about 70% of my clients lately and it makes me wonder…. What is the #1 thing I say in all my education and meetings ~ if you build it you HAVE to tell someone about it. Am I not getting that message out there clear enough? We can’t just build something great, no matter what it is; blog, website, mobile application, new service you are going to offer, new product. It really doesn’t matter what it is, if you haven’t told anyone about it you will get zero traffic to anything anywhere.

Is there a myth or a perception out there that once you have something on the internet that it will just miraculously get traffic and Google knows about it and loves it? That couldn’t be more untrue. In fact, if you are new, Google could care less about you.

This image is my favorite! One does not simply get to the top of Google.

It takes time, work, effort, time, content, SEO strategy, time, consistency, did I say time yet? You get the picture. Traffic to your website or blog is great, we would all agree, but the right traffic is even better. If you just want traffic then use some link farms and spend days and nights commenting on other blogs with your links to get the traffic. If you want quality traffic to your website then promoting it and advertising it in places where your target market spends their time is the way to go. That takes time and content.

Our website and blog for example took almost 6 months to show up for the top search terms we focused on. That took , constant measuring of our keywords, consistent blogging and oh yeah ~ We told people about it! It got traffic, lots of traffic just from us telling people that is the best way to learn about us and contact us. We put everything on our website so everyone had to go there to learn about us. When we did presentations and offered them to attendees guess where they had to go to download them? Our website which has our blog!

The wrap-up: Here are 3 things you can do right now to get traffic to your website or blog:

Get quality content on there. Something that is quick and easy to read, easy to print and download and something that your target audience cares about.

Be patient, success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. A mentor that I greatly respect once said to me, why are you concerned about what shoes you are wearing to a marathon when you haven’t even gotten dressed or stretched? Thanks Robert Caruso! I love that, you can’t expect to win a marathon when you have never ran a day in your life! Get your stuff together and make it around the block before we worry about what place you are in.

Bury the “Field of Dreams” theory. No one is coming unless you tell them to. (at least for a while) Talk about it to people, post about it on your social networks, have your blog information on your business card, share your blog with people via email, ask for feedback. All of this will help in getting traffic, you never know. all it takes is the one person, one time to share your blog to the right group of people and boom, you have a steady group of followers, fans and advocates that actually care what you have to say.

Do these 3 things right now and 2 things will happen, 1. You won’t stress out so much, it isn’t good for you and 2. You might actually enjoy writing the content and talking to people about it. For more information about Synergy Marketing Consultants and how we can help you with your SEO strategy, blogging or social media call us at 970-639-9225 or visit our website at

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Mobile Revolution ~ Is Your Business Ready?

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Mobile Revolution is here, is your business ready?

We keep hearing about the mobile revolution, what exactly does that mean, and more importantly what does it mean to your business?  The mobile revolution is simply that; a revolution in the way we are interacting, shopping, searching, living and growing.  This is not something that may or may not happen, it is happening and it is happening fast!  We are a fast moving, ever changing society and our mobile devices have helped us get there and continue to propel us into the future.  With 56% of US Adults* owning a smart phone spending an average of 127 minutes* using social applications, searching and browsing websites, the question is why?  Well, think about it, we cram so much into our days, work, kids, social life, being a weekend warrior, throwing “Pinterest Worthy” parties, church, work events; the list goes on and on.  We are on the go constantly and we need the world to keep up with us!

How How Mobile Affected Certain Industries?

Just think about the revolution in the restaurant industry, people got tired of waiting in line to be seated, The time spent waiting was wasted and we didn’t want to waste time.  Call ahead seating was invented; this allowed you to call ahead and put your name in line and then do something else and arrive just in time to be seated.  Then they came out with text ahead seating where you can text and ask the wait and put your name in.  The next revolution was online reservations, which allowed you to go online and make a reservation or put your name down for seating.  Now, we are never at home just sitting in front of our computers, we are on the go so we needed to be able to do everything we can do from our desktop without being tied to a desk.  Here is where they have dropped the ball.  The way your website looks on a mobile device is not mobile friendly.  Making a reservation on a mobile device is not easy.  Restaurants are making it hard for me to do business with them.

Now Look at Your Business

Is your website and non-mobile compatible website making it hard to do business with you?  Quit making me move my fingers on the screen like an ice skater doing the splits.  Quit making me have to scroll all the way to the side just to get your address or phone number.  Quit making me have to write your phone number down, then close my browser and then call you, a tap to call would be great!  By having a mobile compatible website you are not just allowing your customers to do business with you the way they want, you are getting additional leads from very qualified buyers. Need some proof?

Check out these statistics:

  • ·        4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop and make decisions based on the research. 
  • ·        57% of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. 
  • ·        Similarly, 40% of consumers will go to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. 
  • ·        Mobile search accounts for 46% of search, so people are searching for you.  Can you be found? 

You might be thinking, well I had my site build and it is mobile responsive so it changes to a smaller screen.  Many WordPress sites offer this; here is why Google says that isn’t a good thing. It doesn’t always create a good end-user experience and we all know that if your bounce rate is high and if you don’t create a good end user experience that can affect your rankings with the search mogul.   There are a few problems with a responsive site, the first being that sometime the call to action isn’t where you need it to be because of where the responsive site placed it.  You should also consider how and what people look for on mobile vs. your desktop site.  They want the information, but not your whole 107 page website!  (By the way 107 pages is a lot and you probably have great content, keep it up)  A mobile redirected website, not responsive design, offers more customization and will have its own search keywords and meta tags.   Again, the search giant LOVES this.

The Take Away

You have the facts and the reasons why a mobile optimized site is a must for your business in the mobile revolution, now the question lies with you ~ will you do something to talk to your customers or let your competitor work some mobile magic and steal them away?  For more information or a free consultation to see if your website is mobile compatible call us and join the revolution.




SEO strategy, 3 Things you must have

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1. Content!  This seems like a no-brainer, but your content must be fresh and updated.  If your business is still the same from 1 year ago, then check your content, it is the same?  If yes, then change it, now!  Remember finding and writing great content is as easy as surfing the web and looking at your competitors, find something they do that you do better and write about it!   Boom, content, done.

2.Links!  Incoming, outgoing, no matter what it must be credible.  If you are going to link to another site, be sure the link is what your consumer thinks it is.  While you are writing all this great content you can link out to your resources where you get your inspiration for new products, menu items, ideas, etc.

3.Social!  You have to be social, no one can figure out Google’s algorithm exactly, but we do know one thing, it includes social.  What and who you are connecting with on a social level will have a lot to do with how the search engines view you.  Search engines don’t want to lose searches and if they don’t provide the right information to the person searching they will lose those eyeballs.

SEO Strategy doesn’t have to be hard, companies who want you to pay them money to do it make it seem hard.  Just by using the 3 listed tools, you can make your SEO perform better.  Continue to follow our blog and share the tips you learned here to get more out of your business.  Get out of the box and get some awesome!

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3 Ways for Businesses to use Hashtags

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facebook hashtag

1. Discover the hashtags that will drive traffic to your page.  For example an auto dealer should tag post with #buyacar or #usedchevys

2. With the implementation of graph search and hashtags geolocation is everything!  Hashtag with your location!  #GJCO #Denver

3.  Don’t go crazy with the hastags.  Be strategic and think of how people will search for you.  What do people search for on FB?  What words do they use that pertain to your industry?  #Your #update #shouldn’t #look #like #this.

And of course if this all seems overwhelming!  Feel free to give us a call ~ We love this stuff!

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Party of one?

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You have a lot to do as a business owner, you wear many hats!  Sales, paying bills, answering phones, hiring, firing, and the list goes on and on.  Sometimes you feel like a party of one, but it’s no party being you right?  Getting help isn’t always easy to ask for.  You think I can do it all myself or I need to save money; I have to look at my bottom line.  While those things should be considered you should also consider that you are only one person.  No one person can do it all; everyone has to ask for help at some point.

Help comes at a price though, what is help worth to you?  What is your time valued at? Who exactly is affected when you don’t ask for help and try to do it all yourself?

First off you are affected~   Get help doing the things you aren’t good at or don’t want to do.  Trying to keep it all to yourself is a strategy for getting burned out quickly.  So you have a great big fat bank account and no time to utilize it because you are so busy working to try and do it all.  How can you be happy and be doing the best possible job when you are trying to do it all yourself just to save a buck?  There is something to be said for having a team of people around you that believe in you and your dreams.  When you get “burned out” and aren’t happy your work is affected and ultimately the customer experience is affected.

That leads me to how the customers are affected.  When you can’t ask for help and try to do it all they aren’t getting 100% of what you are great at.  They are getting 100% of what you have time for, even if that isn’t what you are great at.  What kind of experience does that leave the customer with?  The ball gets dropped, things get missed and the customer pays the ultimate price with a product that isn’t the best possible product or service you can provide.  So while you are thinking about the dollar signs in your eyes by trying to “save a buck to your bottom line” Think about the effect on the customer?  What do you think they are going to tell people about their experience with you?  That they got what you had time for, things were missed and they felt like they only got about 70% of what you are supposed to be great at?  Or will they say, the team really understood the details and paid close attention to my needs.  Will they tell people my deadline was met with plenty of time and I feel like I got a great value for the money I spend with them?

While it is very enticing to save on your bottom line and think that you can do it all yourself remember this ~ “The jack of all trades is the master of nothing” Do you want to be a jack of all trades or a master of something? Mastering something ensures a pay increase while doing it all ensures nothing but burn out and unhappy customers.  So swallow your pride, set greed aside and ask for help!

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Is Radio Effective?

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We often get asked our opinion on media in general but every once in a while people ask us what we think of a particular media.  Radio has been a big one lately.  We have gotten questions like “is radio effective? Should I do radio or TV?  What is the most effective way to utilize radio?”  I am sure as a business owner you have asked yourself those questions several times.
Using a multi-channel approach is always the best way to go.  That multi-channel could be a social channel and electronic media (TV, Radio) or an online strategy and print strategy together.  No matter what 2 or 3 you elected to use make sure they work together and complement each other.  More important than what you choose is what you say.  You can pay all the money in the world for a great schedule on every station out there, but if you aren’t relevant or interesting then it doesn’t matter what you are saying to whom.  

Your short answer to the above question “Is radio effective?” is yes it is!  Radio is still a very effective form of media.  Think about it, music is the thread of life that binds everyone together.  People like listening to music, what they don’t like hearing is your cheesy radio ad.  No one cares how long you have “been in business”, no one cares that you “have the best customer service” or “lowest prices” they care about their experience with you.  Are they going to be happy and have a positive experience with you and your brand?  Are they going to feel like they got a good value?  If you are pretty confident in those things they get the word out!  Blast it!  Tell people what they want to hear, not figuratively, but literally.  People want to hear why they should spend their hard earned dollars with you and not your competition.  So tell them the real reasons that matter to the consumer. Tell me that you are going to listen to me and understand my problem and treat it as though it is your own.  Tell me that you know I work hard for my dollar and you are going to make sure I get a great value.

Now here is where the multi-channel marketing can come in handy!  Tell me about my experience I can expect and then prove it to me on social media.  Tell me to go to your Facebook page and view others experiences with your business.  Then make sure you have your customers actively participate in leaving great reviews about your business after you deliver on your promise.  Now you have talked to me on the radio and you have connected with me on a social platform.  You have 2 touch points to make an impression on me.  If you have an effective message then a radio schedule makes sense.  So the question isn’t “Is radio effective?” it is “Is my message worth hearing?”  No matter how they hear it, if it is not worth listening to it is ineffective.

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