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The effect social media has on our brain – INFOGRAPHIC

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What is the real effect social media has on our brain?  We hear people talking about it all the time, but what is the real effect?  I know that we have taken a social media detox for a few days and literally felt better physically and emotionally.  We realize this can be strange coming from a digital agency that promotes the use of social media, but after reading this infographic from tolltreeforwarding it got us thinking about doing a social media detox a little more often.

The most interesting statistic about social media and your brain.

The average user is on Facebook 81 hours a year!  That is huge! Click this image to tweet this!  Tweet: The average Facebook user is on Facebook 81 hours a year! #thatsalittlemuch

But even more importantly, the amount of Oxytocin that our brain produces is insane, making it harder to give up social media than it is to give up smoking!! Do you think we will start to see some Facebook Anonymous Groups soon?

This inforgraphic will blow your mind!


Now What?

Now you should tweet, share and +1 this infographic so your friends can see it and help you with your problem!  Just kidding, but in all seriousness, take a break every once in a while, it will do your brain and relationships some good!  Questions or comments?  Sound off below!  We would love to hear them!

You Can’t Buy Your Audience

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I hear a lot of business owners say, I can’t afford to
advertise. Ok I can understand that you have a “limited budget” but you aren’t
buying your audience, you are speaking to them and that can cost you as little
or as much as you are willing to spend.
If you think that you have to go to the most expensive medium to speak
to your audience then you have it all wrong.
It’s not always the most expensive that delivers the best results.  Sometimes it just takes looking at an
alternative to the most expensive and doing it really, really well.  For instance if you can reach a smaller
audience more times with one media, is that better than reaching a larger
audience only one time?  That will all
depend on what you are trying to carry out, again with the question what does
success look like to you?  But remember
no matter what, spending a ton of money doesn’t mean you bought your audience,
it just means you spend a ton of money for an opportunity to speak to
them.  If you don’t have something
interesting to say to them, you didn’t get anything out of that.  Plus, if they didn’t hear you because you
only said it once that doesn’t do you any good either.  There are so many ways to get your message
out effectively without spending a fortune on advertising but it takes some
careful planning and very creative messages to speak to that audience, don’t
buy them.  If you want some creative ways
to get your message out on a “limited budget” give me a call and we won’t buy
your audience, we will speak to them.
Till next time…

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Keeping It Fresh

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Lately we have got asked a lot about what we do and the answer is  A LOT!  However our services have been updated lately to meet a lot of the requirements of our clients and I started to wonder – are my clients updating their services with the changing climate?  What is something your competition isn’t offering, should you offer it?  Is there something that you see a need for in your industry environment?  Sometimes it is as simple as education, or maybe changing the way you tell clients about what you do.  Either way it has been said that the only constant thing in life is change; so are you constantly changing?
We recently held a free seminar on our hybrid strategy of traditional and new media and had small business owner and even people from the different media outlets join us and some people thought I was crazy for telling them how to do a hybrid strategy effectively.  My answer was simply that I saw a need for this kind of education so that is now a service we give at Synergy Marketing Consultants.  Free education to our clients and even the clients of our competitor ~ why?  Because if my competitor doesn’t then I will and it makes me stand out.  So think about your business and the industry you are in and ask yourself what is something your consumers need or want and can you offer it to them better?  If the answer is yes, then update your services and Keep It Fresh!

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How to aviod the “knee-jerk” reaction in your business

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I recently had a client who had an off week in business and sent me and email sort of freaking out.  It went a little something like this:
“We need to bring people in quickly with a loss-leader and once I bring them in I can hook them on my other product.  So let’s discount the heck out of the product sell it cheap cheap cheap and that should increase our business.   Run the sale!!!!”
So that is the Cliff notes version but you get the point.  How many of you have done this in your business?  Probably a lot if not all of you.  It is common and easy to do, you get scared and think I will bring a bunch of people in and they will love me so much they will become loyal.  That is not really what happens though.  When I got this email I first thought “What the heck?”  That is not the direction they want to go, they are scared.  So I responded by asking them the following questions:
1.  What plan do you have in place to convert the people who are coming in to get your super cheap product?  This particular customer is down one staff member and the rest are pretty busy as is so will they really be able to give all the “new” people coming in the best possible experience to make them a loyal customer?
2.  Who are you going to tell this message to?  You can’t just send this out in newsletter form and tell it to your existing customers who have paid full price all along, that will really tick them off.  Besides, the point of this is new customers, not just existing ones right?
3.  Typically the best way to get a “sale” message out is Radio or TV, you hit it heavy and hard and bring in TONS of people.  Great!  But………now these “new” customers associate your brand with “Discount” is that really how you want these new customers to view your product or brand is discounted?  You are training them from the beginning of the relationship to expect a discount or wait until you lower your price.
After asking them these questions they thought about this “sale” and decided against it.  We held steady and the traffic has leveled out.  Sometimes being still is the best thing for your business but do you have someone telling you that?  Most agencies would have picked up the phone and placed the order for the radio or tv schedule, but I knew that wasn’t the best thing for the client.  Do you have someone working with you in any part of your business that will be your level-headed thinker when you want to have a “knee-jerk” reaction?  If not get one, if you can’t think of one, call me.  I love what I do because I am not going to tell clients what they want to hear, I am going to tell them what they need to hear and knowing that I am making a positive impact on their business is the best payoff I could ever want!

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The Most Important Question No One Ever Asks You

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We all know that you can’t just go into something and hope that it works.  I have said this before and I will say it again no good strategy ever includes the words “hope and pray”.  So don’t do anything that you can’t measure.  Some people in marketing will say well then you need to include a call to action message if you want to measure a media to see if it works.  I say wrong!  Before you ever try to measure anything you should define what success looks like to you or what exactly you are trying to accomplish and consider it successful.  Depending on what you want your success to look like then that will determine a part of your marketing message.  What if success looks like opening a second location to you?  What kind of message do you send and to who?  It’s not just about an immediate response because anything immediate that you can measure right away eventually will wear out its welcome.  Most things that give you an immediate response are a discount, coupon or sale of some kind.  Now while those can be beneficial, is that going to get you to your second location?  So you will buy a radio campaign, run a sale then tell your radio rep that it didn’t work.  Why?  Well, because to you success was opening a second location not an influx of customers.  Most business owners haven’t ever really sat down and thought about what success really looks and feels like to them probably because no one has ever asked them.  Well I am asking you, and if you want to find out what that success feels like then contact us at Synergy Marketing Consultants.  Till next time….
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Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Have A Social Media Strategy

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The top 10 reasons people don’t have a social media strategy is just the beginning when I sat down and looked at all the reasons I have heard over the last 5 years.  Education is key, but when I do education I still continue to hear the same excuses.  I figured that if the people who come to my classes feel this way, others probably do too!  So I have compiled a list of the Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Have A Social Media Strategy and we are going to break them down and provide solutions over the next few weeks.  But first, let’s look at the list compiled together and see what the common theme is.  There is usually one solution to a lot of questions, but the delima is if people will hear the solution and be willing to jump when the answer is presented to them.  I have to look at some of these and laugh a little on the inside, but never the less, here we go:

Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Have A Social Media Strategy

  1. I don’t know how it works
  2. I don’t have the time to learn how it works/or to actually do it once I know how it works
  3. I don’t know what the benefit to me or my business is
  4. There are too many platforms/it is confusing
  5. No one cares what I have to say
  6. It is just for kids, I want to reach MY customers
  7. It is always changing and it frustrates me
  8. I tried it once, nothing happened
  9. I don’t want to say something stupid/ I don’t want to look stupid
  10. I do have a strategy, my neighbors kid does my social media

What is the common theme?

Do you see a common theme?  I do, I see fear.  Let me ask you this Mr/Mrs. Business Owner, were you afraid when you started this business or you knew everything that was going to happen?  You knew that you wouldn’t have any competition, or training issues or changes in software, or changes in the economy, or your customer base would change, or you wouldn’t be confused or frustrated?  I bet you did, but you figured it out right.  Or did your neighbors kid figure it out for you?  On a side note ~ hiring the neighbors kid is NEVER a good idea unless that is what they do for a living.  Would you trust them with your books?  Then why would you trust them with your online reputation and communication with potential customers?  I digress…..  Fear is not a reason to not have a social media strategy.  Get with a pro, get some help and get out there!  If you don’t want to do it yourself, then outsource it.  For example, I don’t want to do my taxes or keep my books on a daily basis so I outsource it.  (and not to the neighbors kid)

Stick with us, I promise it is worth the wait.

If any of the reasons/excuses up there looked familiar to you then please come back and keep your eyes out for our new blog series where we will address each one and provide solutions with a video blog!  If you just can’t wait becuase you don’t want the fear to live in you anymore then click here and let’s start a conversation right away!