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Hints & tips to help you future proof your real estate operation

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Everyone is talking about the ‘new normal’ in real estate but what does that actually mean?

“In the immediate future, technologies that reduce the need for human contact will be the clear winner; be they gesture-based building controls, platforms that eliminate the need for any human contact in real estate transactions, or technology that enables safety and social distancing on construction sites.” – Angelica Krystle Donati – a consumer tech journalist focusing on proptech & innovation in real estate and construction – published in Forbes in May 2020.

Everyone is talking about the ‘new normal’ in real estate but what does that actually mean? While no one can forecast what might happen next year, next month or even next week, we do know that real estate needs to become more digitally driven and ‘hands off’ in every aspect, as the above quote confirms.

If you’re starting to plan your real estate future, let Synergy help guide you to the new normal. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the many of the changes you can implement will improve your profit margin, help you close sales quicker and give you peace-of-mind with ways to future proof your business. Don’t miss out! Register today.

Real Estate Videos. Which Is Best For You?

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Did you know that we provide multiple styles of Real Estate videos?


We always make an agent’s property look their best in our videos.

Things like bad lighting can take away from a video home tour’s impact.  We provide lighting to bring out the color and detail in every part of the home.  Our aerial video utilizes vivid color and clarity to show the home and surrounding scenery in a majestic way.  By using 4K video the viewer will experience the utmost in resolution for detailed viewing and be more engaged.

Synergy’s videos are made to be attention-grabbing videos that will captivate your audience and show your brand.

We do all the hard work so you can spend more time on what matters most for your clients.

Complete Video Home Tours

This shows the complete inside of the home as well as the outside.  Aerial (drone) shots are included in this video package.

Short Teaser Videos

This is a short video that only shows the homes’ features.  Not all rooms are shown.  Aerial shots are included in this video package.

Aerial/Drone Videos

Aerial videos are the only way to capture large properties! Aerial Videos show the property and surrounding scenery in a majestic way.

Interview Style Videos

A great way for viewers to get up close and personal with a Real Estate Agent or Builder. This showcases what they do and how they are different.

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How to Prepare Your Property for a Virtual Tour

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If you have pets, please find a comfortable and contained space for any dogs. It’s best if they are not in the house while the Matterport photographer is on the job. Large animals could knock the camera over and cause damage.  If you need to keep your pet in the house during this time, we ask that you keep them with you and out of the way of the photographer.

Personal Items

Please put away any personal items you do not want to be photographed as the camera will capture EVERYTHING. Consider – family photos (if you’d like them to remain private), prescription bottles, important paperwork, jewelry, or artwork. The photographer will need to go in every nook of the house, so you have to conceal items if you’d like them to not be picked up on the camera.

Cleaning and Staging

Please clean and stage all rooms and hallways in your house. Please make sure dishes are clean and put away, blinds and drapes are open, beds are neatly made, and laundry is not visible.



Please turn on every light and turn off fans in your house for the photographer.


Limit the Number of People at Home

If at all possible, it is best if the photographer can be alone in the house to create the 3D tour. Every 30 seconds or so, the photographer moves the camera and has to hide out of the way so that the 360 degree camera can scan the room. Depending on the size of the home, this will be done around 75-200 times. It becomes difficult when the photographer has to make sure others are hiding as well. We realize you may need to be there and of course we will work out a plan to accommodate your needs!

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