24 Hours to a Better Mobile Strategy

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Mobile technology has changed human behavior in a very short time like no other. A mobile strategy is imperative. Today, the mobile is the number one platform used by businesses to communicate with their customers; what makes this possible is the fact that more than 91% of mobile users keep their devices within reach all the time. The apps are also following close to mobile strategy and by 2020, cars, assisted living, medical or clinical remote monitoring, pay as you drive insurance as well as building and home security are expected to be connected.

Mobile strategies help businesses to inform, engage and even create new opportunities with their partners, clients and workers. According to a study carried out by mobile enterprises by the IBM Business Value Institute, more than 90% firms based globally are planning to either improve or sustain their mobile technology investments for at least the next one year. Apart from investing in mobile technologies, it takes work and effort to be a mobile leader.

According to the same study, firms with mobile strategies that are well defined are less than half of all existing firms globally. When planning to implement mobile strategies in your company, here are the 3 main areas in IT and business to give the first priority.

Data Insight Transformation

Volumes of data are generated by mobile phone users on a daily basis and thus producing business insights that are not just valuable, but also renewable. On the path to becoming mobile leaders, firms should develop interoperable systems, share information across devices and systems in addition to leveraging APIs for data sourced either via cloud services or externally.

Future mobile data accessibility, insights and analysis will enable businesses to interact better with clients and unlock new opportunities. Executive supply chain and inventory decision making processes in real time is eased and made less complex through interactive and transactional mobile data insights.

Mature mobile strategies feature data that are based on sensors and machines. When coupled with contextual data and preferences of users, businesses will be able to make great offers to retailers, clients and other service providers in real time. With these capabilities that are advanced, businesses gain the power to find employees that match the demands of their clients effectively and even track their shopping patterns. As a result, data and insights of mobile devices help businesses realize enhanced user experiences and retailers get to find new business models and streams of revenue.

The Art of Mobile Design

The art of mobile design entails an improved and customized user experience, not just tailoring of desktop apps for access through mobile gadgets. App developers create programs for accomplishing specific tasks, adapting them for interaction-based data presentation and defining or differentiating experiences of users through the integration of audio and touch into the apps. By comprehending the business processes to be interactive and engaging to users, the art of mobile design or development of apps should be based on user experience, functionality and design cognition, in addition to being iterative and very fast.


The fact that mobile strategies have evolved to become interactive and transactional makes them very risky, especially if outside parties, like clients and partners, are involved. Therefore, there is a need to secure mobile devices, data, applications as well as the networks they are linked to. Enterprise and personal data should always be separated for the protection of information that is confidential and sensitive. Guidelines and policies should be put in place to help protect mobile devices and information stored or transmitted through them. Just like any other business asset, mobile devices should be managed well and workers offered mobile experiences tailored to meet their specific roles in the firm.

The Future

Becoming a mobile leader involves continual mobile strategy evolution to cater for new security threats, new designs as well as data. And, firms with the ability to utilize network, mobile and user generated data can effectively compete in the fast-paced tech-savvy global market.

Winning with Mobile

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Win-big-with-MobileWinning, we all love it, but winning with mobile is even better!  This is a strategy that is sure to please your customers, they want you on mobile, they want you to win.  C’mon, give the people what they want!

The use of mobile marketing is increasing rapidly all over the world. Every online business is using mobile marketing strategy to give its customers better services. But for the mobile strategy to be effective and efficient, there are certain things that a mobile website must have. These are:

Optimization tools: these will enable your mobile website users to optimize images and pages before downloading them so as to reduce their data usage.

Easy access: your business mobile website should enable users to access the contact information by a click of buttons. Your address should also be located in a place that is easy to access

Systematic content: every mobile user wants to access information from a mobile website as quick and easy as possible. Your business mobile website content should be well organized, precise and complete to make it easy for users to find it very quickly

Large buttons: remember that users will not be using mouse clicks but finger clicks to navigate through the mobile website. Therefore your buttons and links on your mobile website should be large enough to be clicked without having to zoom.

Provide links to full websites: all mobile users want to get complete information on their mobiles. Therefore you should add a link that will allow user to switch to your full website for comprehensive resources.

Thus as a mobile strategy, you need to consider the above mentioned items when developing or running your business mobile website for better results. If applied correctly, mobile marketing is a very essential business marketing tool. Take the advantage of the increasing number of mobile users to use your mobile website as a marketing strategy for your business.

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3 Free Social Media Resources

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free-social-mediaWe all love free, so here are 3 free social media resources you can all use.

Social media has become one of the most reliable marketing platforms for different types of business. As a result of this, several free social media resources have been developed to enable businesses promote their businesses to social media users and improve social engagements between companies and customers.

The following are 3 free social media resources that have remain outstanding in promoting different types of online business. Most importantly is that these resources are free:

  1. Piktochart: this is a social media resource that allows you to share different types of pictures on social media platforms. With Piktochart, you can customize and upload pictures by a click of buttons. It makes it easier for you to share high quality pictures of your business that will give a good impression of it
  2. Hootsuite free account: this is one of the social media resources specifically for scheduling. It helps you develop a plan for your business on when to engage with your social media users. As a matter of fact, being active on social media is very essential for the success of any business but planning time for it is also important. With hootsuite, you will be able to schedule when to meet your customers depending on their availability
  3. Google alerts: google has been merged into social media networks and its results are remarkable. The google alerts is a social media resource mainly for content. Through this resource, a business can send alerts automatically to its social media users on any new content available on its website. It is also beneficial for businesses because it helps them in monitoring the number of clicks, posts, shares, comments or likes they receive on the updated content

By using these 3 free social media resources, your business performance on social media will improve.

Quit Ignoring Mobile Marketing

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Mobile-marketing-coloradoQuit ignoring mobile marketing!!  I literally want to scream this every day.  No matter what business you are in, if you aren’t taking advantage of mobile marketing you are missing out!  Let’s talk about mobile marketing and why you can’t ignore it anymore.

There is no doubt that the use of technology is increasing every day. This, among other reasons, is making it difficult for any business to ignore mobile marketing. Therefore for the purposes of improving the performance of your business, you need to consider developing a mobile website.

There are several reasons as to why mobile marketing can no longer be ignored. Some of these include:

  1. More mobile users: the number of people using mobile devices to surf the internet is increasing rapidly. As a business marketing strategy, you should develop a mobile website so as to make it easier for your customers to access information on their mobiles.
  2. Reduced surfing cost: surfing on a mobile website is cost effective when compared with accessing the internet on other devices. As a result of this, mobile strategy is important because more people are using mobiles to access websites of different businesses
  3. Development of mobile apps: new mobile applications are being developed everyday which make navigating through mobile websites easier and interesting. This means that more people are expected to continue using mobiles to access the internet. The apps enable mobile website content to be optimized and make it easier for users to navigate through the sites and access the information they need

Therefore if you have a business or planning to start one, mobile strategy should be one of the most important considerations. Businesses are nowadays competing for customers and leads through the internet. For your business to be competitive enough, a good mobile website is necessary.


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How to fix the biggest problem with social media

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Social-media-In-Grand-Junction-ColoradoThere are so many problems with social media and we discuss how to fix the biggest problem with social media we see today.

Despite the many benefits of social media to business and individuals, studies have also shown that social media is making people crazy. The most recent study shows that social media increases your FOMO (fear of missing out). According to this study, 56% of social media users experience social media anxiety. These people normally get worried about missing posts on social media and this keeps them checking update son social media networks.

The following are the different types of FOMO on different social media sites:

  1. Pinterest: this gives you the craving to try out new things especially at home. For example, you can learn how to make cookies, desserts, cupcakes, among others. In addition, you may find yourself being encourages to workout and remain physically fit
  2. Instagram: you will feel the fear of missing perfect beaches, spectacular sunsets, memorable moments and activities that you are used to seeing in soap operas.
  3. Twitter: this will make you feel like you are really uninformed on what is happening and trending on a global platform. It is all about the latest hashtags especially from adult people
  4. Facebook: this can make you feel like a failure especially by seeing the success of other people. It can make you change your choices based on other people’s posts on FB
  5. Linkedln: it can instill the fear of career failure from your resume. It is a more professional site where people post their resumes, apply for jobs but stalking is not fun here.
  6. Spotify: this can make you find out how poor you are in selecting a playlist.

The best way to fix the above mentioned fears is by limiting the time you spend on social media. You can also decide to take some time off from social media if the FOMO is too much. Most importantly is to ensure that social media does not affect how you make personal choices for fear of other people’s comments.

We love social media, don’t get us wrong, but with everything it should be done in moderation.  If you need social media help or are looking for a platform to curb your time, call us we have 12 steps you can follow….

What is holding you back from a video marketing strategy?

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video-marketing-coloradoSo we have to know, what is holding you back from a video marketing strategy?  Video marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies that require proper planning and implementation. Before using video marketing to promote your business, there are several things that you need to do. Remember that you will be distributing the video even on social media platforms. Therefore the most important things about video marketing are to understand what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. This means that you need to use sufficient time to plan before implementing.


The following are the most important questions that any business should ask itself before getting started with video marketing:

  1. What do you want to achieve with your video? This is definitely the most important question because it will give you a general guidance on how to go about video marketing. Write down exactly the goal you want to achieve for your business from the video marketing strategy. These goals are what will guide you in creating a video that will help in achieving them
  2. How will you create your video? You need to know if you will create the videos on your own or if you will hire professional services. This will depend on whether you have the necessary video recording equipment, expertise and crew. Quality of the videos created is very crucial
  3. How will you measure results obtained? It is very important to measure results obtained from your videos because it is the only way you will know whether you are achieving your goals or not. For example, if your goal was to increase the number of followers on social media through video marketing then you need to monitor the number of new followers.

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Where Will Social Media Marketing Be 1 Year From Now?

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social-media-advertising-coloradoWhere will social media marketing be 1 year from now?  We get asked this on a weekly basis and there is no quick answer.  It is so fast-paced that the question should be where will social media be in 1 month.  It is a technology-based tool that is continually changing every year. Today, almost every business is using social media for marketing its products and services. Therefore if you are a social media marketer it is very important to keep updated about the social media trends in the next one year. After doing some research on one of our favorite sites Mashable we came up with this ~ Some of the trends expected include:

  1. Increased use of graphic software: More graphic software will be used to convert content from written into visual formats because social media users share, like, comment and click on posts in visual form more than those in written form
  2. Reduced sales on social media: more companies will be using their social media networks to nurture relationships, share value and engage their customers in discussing issues affecting them rather than selling their products on social media. Therefore sales through social media are expected to reduce
  3. More automation: with more online technologies being adopted, social media marketers are expected to automate most of the social media tactics and use more time to focus on content development and customer interaction
  4. Great content: companies will focus more on the type and quality of content they post on their social media networks so as to maintain their existing customers and attract more others
  5. More creativity: social media marketers will have to be creative so as to make their business outstanding on these networks
  6. Interactive content: content is expected to become more engaging and interactive on social media and not static
  7. Advanced tools are expected to be used to pay social media campaigns
  8. Google+ is expected to amalgamate into social media networks
  9. Linkedln will become the destination for publishing content


To keep up with the current trends and make sure your business is getting the most out of social media, contact us for a FREE review of your social strategy.  Free no obligation, just get the scoop on how the world sees your social media.

Motherhood and Marketing

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Motherhood and Marketing, you might be thinking what on earth do these things have to do with each other?  Quite a bit actually.  Both are usually a hot mess in the beginning and then you figure it out and both are something you know you have to be good at or it can cause some pretty bad damage.  Trust me, I would not call myself an expert at either, but one I have been doing for 18 years and the other I just started about a year ago, and I have seen some similarities that make me go hmmmmmm.   I have just picked a couple to touch on, but I could really go on for ever with this.

Let’s start with the birth or the opening of your new business.  You will get advice from every corner that you haven’t asked for on how to raise that baby and how to market your business.  What do you do with all the advice?  Throw it away!  Not really, but most of it you will throw out.  What people don’t realize is that every business is different and every baby is different.  Not only do the people around you not realize it, maybe you don’t realize it yet either.  You may be one of 5 cupcake shops in your town, but you are the only you and your passion is yours.  Carter may be 1 of 100 babies in my immediate circle, but he is the only Carter.  It took me a long time to realize that with my baby, but not so much my marketing.  I have always know that each business is so different and unique and needs to be approached from a fresh perspective each time I don’t know why that was so hard for me to realize with my baby.  But it was, and it cost me dearly.  It cost me precious time.  I spent weeks trying to make sure that he was “normal” according to all the solicited and unsolicited advice I was receiving and I missed out on hours of just holding my baby and enjoying him.  If you are a new business owner, you will waste money and time trying to do all the advice that is given to you and miss out on the one thing that may work which sometimes is to just be who you are.


The other way that motherhood and marketing are similar is the only constant is change!  Now that may totally contradict what you have always heard in marketing which is be consistent.  That is still true, be consistent, but be flexible and fluid.  The only constant with marketing is change, the way it reaches people, the medium that works for your business or the response it will all change, but the message should always be consistent.  The same goes for babies and sleep~ boy did I learn that and I am still learning it.  Just when you think you have something figured out and breath a sigh of relief, nope, they will throw you for a loop!  Your mind is constantly running trying to figure out what changed to make it better or worse.  You master a nap schedule and then they start teething, or get a cold, it is always something!  I’m sure a lot of business owners feel that way about social media, they finally get the idea of a Facebook page and how to use it for business and then boom ~ Facebook will change the rules or algorithm or something ridiculous.  Either way you are left scratching your head to figure out the next stage.  It is exhausting and you want to give up, but you know you can’t.  Remember the damage it can cause?  Long term damage to your business and your baby if you just give up and don’t try to help the situation.  In both situations, you have to just clear your head, listen and take action.  With your kiddos nap schedule, get off the internet, put the book down and just listen to your baby.  With your business, just take some time, listen to what the changes are, think about your customers and make a change.

With both situations I hope that you have at least one person that you can rely on as a sounding board that will just listen and offer advice when asked.  I had one for my kiddo and I am that person for a lot of people for marketing.  It feels good to have that person and be that person, but either way make sure you have a person.  Motherhood and marketing are both fun, I mean really fun.  I have never experienced joy like I have with this little tiny squishy creature and I have never experienced the stress either.  Marketing brings people joy and elation when it works and stress when it doesn’t.  They both have huge rewards and both are a long journey that you can’t just quit.  I think I’ll stick with both!


Please comment below and let me know your thoughts on either motherhood or marketing or if you see another similarity.  I think we are going to go for a walk and get inspired.

6 Questions We Asked Our Videographer

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Video production work6 Questions to Ask a Videographer was a great article posted by the much respected Inman News recently.  After reading it we felt pretty good about the service we were offering to realtors in our video department and we decided to have our resident video guru Joe Jones answer the questions that you are supposed to ask your videographer before doing a home tour.  Below are his answers with a link to our YouTube channel to check out his work!



Six questions we asked our videographer

1. What do you mean by “video”?

Having a video tour of a house and property means just that; using actual video.  Some consider video as having still photos put together with music and some animation of the photos.  However, this isn’t true video!  A real video tour means using actual video footage from a good quality video camera, not a smart phone.  Using real HD quality video footage replicates what it would actually be like to walk through the house and view the house from a human perspective.  Make sure your videographer and you have all this clear upfront before you begin.

2. What areas will you shoot?

A typical home video tour includes a home’s interior, exterior, other outside buildings, and whatever views might be available of the house, or from the house.  You can choose which rooms to include or not.  You should have the flexibility in choosing which parts of the house or property to include, or not include, without having to pay any additional costs.  If aerial footage is an option it can provide a great perspective for some of the outside video.

3. Who will shoot my video?

Make sure your video will be shot by a professional.  Someone that just acquired a decent camera and stabilizer may not provide the most dramatic footage that will capture the viewer’s attention.  The video tour production should be “cinematic” enough, to the viewer, to retain their attention throughout the entire video.  The video tour should be comprehensive enough to give the viewer the feeling that they are truly familiar with this home after watching the video.

Always ask for samples of the videographer’s work regarding home video tours.  Ask how long they’ve been doing home video tours and how long they’ve been doing video production.  Will they provide agent branding without extra charge?  Will they upload your video to a Youtube site and not charge extra?  Make sure they have a definitive price structure and give you this price upfront.

4. What’s your timeline?

Will your videographer be able to work with your timeline?  Once a home is ready to show you want to have your video done quickly.  Look for someone who can be available within a few days of when the home is ready.  When the house is staged and ready you don’t want to have to wait too long to have the video footage shot.  Companies that work a lot with real estate companies understand this and make every effort to accommodate. They should be able to provide a finished product within 72 hours of the actual filming.

5. What’s your cancellation policy?

Things happen that may cause the decision to cancel a shoot: bad weather, the homeowners not having the house ready, the owners changing their decision to sell, etc.  A videographer should make every effort to work with you on your circumstances.  Most videographers would want at least a 24 hour notification if a cancellation has to take place.  Some may charge a rebooking fee if the videographer arrives to see the property isn’t ready yet.

6. What else do you do?

You may want to consider other types of videos than just video home tours.  At some point you may want to produce videos for your website; a real estate team video, a bio, or even a commercial.  If you find a professional videographer who can do these other things it will make your entire marketing process much simpler by using one entity for all your video projects.  Also, there’s the process that develops from a client/videographer’s relationship that enables the videographer to understand what that particular agent expects.


Check out Joe’s work here